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The Last TIME

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:24 on September 12, 2014  

the Dollar was as good as GOLD….we were in a Depression….

Why do politicians choose depression instead of Inflation….and that is what they have done !

They choose depression because Governmnets have not been replaced in a Depression heretofor.The Government stayed in PLace !

History has shown that Weimar Republic chose Inflation and representative Government was thrown out and a Dictator named Hitler was the replacement .

But WHAT IF WE GET BOTH?     History dosent repeat exactly but it Rhymes ROTATING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN iNFLATION AND DEPRESSION   The Worst of Both Worlds….Dictatorial Governments run by 1 of the Three branches of Government .  Inflation in the Private sector that must be allowed or Shortages will bring riots in both FOOD and Energy.  Democrats opt for Wars because it Rallys the Patriotism and keeps them in power. It also distracts the Public from their Failures and gives the Public someone to Hate ,leaving the Politicians alone !   Rebublicans are better Managers of the Economy and can fix the problems ,but they can’t get elected by promising less help,less food stamps,less subsidies and favoritisim .

“I’m going to take from those that have and give to those that don’t “has more supporters in a depression …and VOTES.

The Dems are WORD Processors and Spin everything until the Public dosent know right from wrong.

Democracy is what we eended up with even though the Founders didn’t want that.


The Bill of Rights that protects minority rights has given way to Democracys Mob Rule.


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