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Beware of coin dealers that do TV ads

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:53 on September 12, 2014  

Also check your current dealers BBB rating and scroll down to read any complaints, most customers see the rating and fail to do so. Customers have reported to me that more than a handful of big name dealers whom they have dealt with in the past have had their BBB ratings revoked for a myriad of reasons such as baiting and switching to numismatics of questionable value, non-shipment or shipping that has taken several months. Some are being sued for conflict of interests, closing, filing for bankruptcy or they have been reported to “Rip-Off Reports” for their misdeeds. Bigger isn’t necessarily better and besides they usually require a booklet of information on you their customers.

The tip of the iceberg has been exposed, and I suspect more will be exposed for their practices. Big name dealers will either be unable to meet their advertising budgets of $2 M or more a month or exposed for their other fraudulent practices. Just remember there are “No Free Lunches” and if they are offering free safes or free coins you are still going to pay for their supposed “Free” enticements. They have paid advertising psychologists that understand the most effective way to manipulate you with deceptive claims and practices. Some even use campaign contributions to obtain connections that enable them to avoid regulation and accountability that are added on to the prices of the products you purchase. If you respond to their expensive ads on T.V. or radio instead of doing your own research your investment will not return its potential maximum R.O.I. Never rely on commercials with paid actors or politicians that hawk the wares of the big name companies when making your consumer decision on where to purchase. They cannot give you the best price or service when paying for advertising budgets of millions of dollars a year.

Remember this is a major source of revenue for media outlets and the result is expensive advertising that wastes a growing amount of G.D.P. without any improvement in your quality of life. The problem is really a lot bigger than it seems and involves a lack of integrity of mass media which doesn’t hesitate to promote massive amounts of fraud everywhere one looks. The politicians who make the laws, the media that provides the investigation and the government and business sector involved in these scams are ALL accountable. Their scams increase their profits and finance their propaganda while the non-thinking majority accept their “false witnessing”.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.