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Hello to all…….

Posted by Matrix @ 17:58 on September 8, 2014  

Not sure if I’m in the right place or not??

I’m a retired currency trader of 22 years, understanding Capital flows and how the value of a countries currency effects trading the precious metals sector has been my focus these past few years. If I’m in the correct place and those here want to make some money, well please read on.

From 2000 to 2008 Gold was a pure currency trade vs the US$, the high gold produced was US debt ceiling and S&P downgrading US debt from AAA to AA+ related….my first chart


Now we’ve all been told about the manipulation in the gold market, I’m going to show you what is driving Golds action since Nov 2012 as gold is being traded as a currency (which it is) just as the bull run from 2000 to 2008 was all about a devalued US$ as the Index fell 50 cents from 121-71 and everything that was priced in US$ was revalued higher be it, Oil, Silver, Uranium, Wheat, Rice, Copper etc

The trade in play now is $YEN….have a L@@K at these $YEN charts vs Golds value, notice where 99/101 $YEN caps golds advance


The next chart is a Weekly $YEN chart that shows where gold has been and IF the devaluation of $YEN continues where it will go


Last chart shows what those that Howl at da moon regarding Gold and it being manipulated do not want YOU to see….$YEN traders as they sell yen and buy US$’s are putting on a gold sell trade at the same time, no manipulation, just a pure currency trade….notice todays trading action as $YEN weakened by almost a full cent gold retraced $22 from $1272 to $1250


So again I have no idea if this gold tent blog is about making money or watching the world go by???

I post at another blog which is all about making money, not whining about golds value for those that understand how to read basic charts….. no fancy Ewave, Fibs or trend lines the members are excellent and the head site guru is a great guy along with a fantastic tech support….join us and make some $$$$$$$

Goldtent TA Paradise


Feel free to drop by….Good Luck to you all!……CHEER$!




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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.