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Posted by silverngold @ 19:56 on September 7, 2014  

Thanks for responding. I’m no expert but I’ve been a rancher/farmer for the last 40 years so I know that whatever crop you plant leaches the minerals out of the soil, so it is important to put the minerals back into the soil through natural fertilization like manure. I think the point of the article is that the sulphur has been leached out of the soil for so many years and not replaced, so it is totally depleted from the soil and so not available to be taken up by the plants, and therefore all foods are deficient in sulphur, even those that should be rich in that mineral, and so we are all deficient in sulphur.

I don’t see it as an infomercial or them being snake oil  salesmen since they are exposing a health problem that surfaced in the 1950’s when petroleum based fertilizers replaced natural fertilizers, and a solution to the health problem,  which continues to get worse, is being addressed . They even include the reference to the ongoing 15 year study in which there are more than 1100 participants, and they discuss the many health benefits of replenishing the natural sulphur your body needs to reverse various conditions and diseases. If you read through the article it gives you the dosage amounts and other important info, but nowhere do I remember them trying to extract money from you like a snake oil salesman.

Now if you want to discuss some slick snake oil salesmen, lets talk about the benefits of vaccines and GMO’s. LOL!!!   Silverngold


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