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Posted by Walker @ 18:59 on September 5, 2014  

goldielocks an excellent shared post. These particular  drums of war, i sincerely hope, will  not continued. Russia is not a nation  which “the system”  should EVER  under estimate. If this is all about the final formula of NWO than frankly….we all need to realize …they are pushing the timeline HARD . Maybe their system is weaker than we all realize and understand.

But the leading story on Drudge, this morning , was about a comic passing…really? hence..the humor  of the news and the value of the news you need to know? I marvel and I am completely never surprised anymore. I would suggest there were more worthy Global information that could have been shared and exposed to the sheep.

Today in gold …the system …surprised all…weak numbers..The war is over… well not really…and the sun will set this evening. Here in the east it will be  worth the effort to  enjoy the  wonderful ending of a day..and darkness comes.

Completely off topic..just a general question????..the intensity of the sun..this summer and NOW..wow..you REALLY need sunglasses ….in this time , i spend more time on and near the ocean AND…it is BRIGHTER than this old man remembers or  records…or maybe i am just getting older..

all enjoy the weekend..actually enjoy ever day. In the recent years i have endeavored to read and understand true global history, of this planet called earth, please smile. I have no answers ( well those that i can share on the internet). I am certain is was and will continue to be complex. To reiterate old Goldrunner..are there real choices? something to think about..my view? will or can be shared alter.


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