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A smile to all

Posted by Walker @ 16:16 on September 1, 2014  

Good Evening All.
It has been a long absence. The world continued to slip and slide into an unknown abyss. The limits to which even I could not imagine a few years ago. The talking heads,( frankly we all recognize the governmental leadership in place, today or yesterday are the same old same old provided illusions of leadership and the worded world of better & “change”.. just different faces being controlled and directed by the same very old shadow) have continue to manufacture the numbers on the scoreboard of the markets and the greater society’s “well being” statics. Even the most naive of the general population senses the sea of changes swiping the nation…open borders, real inflation, wars smaller but far greater in numbers… call them more blood bath conflicts ( the civilians taking the numbered roll call of the killed).
I would or could chat about the above and share nothing you all do not already know with the caveat…we all left “Kansas, Toto, long ago”….to the extremes and to reiterate.. it exceeds even my scope of past imagined limits of what the herded well funded free lunched population can be bamboozled to vision and trust . They heard it on the internet/news/bob told me…so it must be true wonder world.
I smile at the old days of Goldrunner and i debating the term manipulation of markets and gold. Frankly, his insight , what in reality to their power position could they actually do? To save the sheep.
well before i close ..Best wishes Winedoc..you too Wanka..Wanka, frankly you are the only high road walker which has always ,hum…steered your own course..over the very interesting past years in your insight and opinions. I frankly never merit people too often..well done.
In regards to contributing here, I will endeavor to share ..when I think it can alter the course to this old ship called a tent, smile. I would suggest…in real terms ..the shadow continues CONTROL the helm. Several years ago I trusted the simple in trust and truth..Oh, how naive I was…humble stated.
Fullcrowngold..I am certain, had we actually meet, person to person..it would take days to navigate the ( our different) difference..But…we all realize ..these coming storms will require..strong people.
A new expression I have learned.. “so there you have it” truly reflecting this moment in time…please think about this simple expression..moments into the future there is the unknown….please smile.. even for the manipulated pathways of shadow.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.