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FYI, I got this in my e-mail, and my response under it.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:01 on August 9, 2014  

This is so well done…. If the Liberals would allow themselves to watch this video and fully digest the content, they would have to agree that BO has taken the USA down the wrong path.

Only 7 and 1/2 minutes of true facts and excellent quotes. I hope you share this video with others.

Great video to share…..

Just watched it. Very entertaining, describes the results from past objectives, but explains nothing educational. The gov’t wants the 100 year status quo to continue.

They KNOW the people are dumb enough to just keep doing the same thing over and over every 8 years. Go back and forth between the dems and the reps. They DON’T want a third party of outsiders to get control and then won’t cooperate globally and with political correctness.

It, the video message, (possibly produced by gov’t itself) just wants people to be angry with LOCAL liberals and democrats (which they already are) and naturally vote for republicans and or conservatives next time. Over and over again. Wash rinse repeat.

Definitely the republicans are better than the demarcates, but NIETHER party are in control of our local domestic US economy. The REAL gov’t, the shadow gov’t, are the global banking and corporate establishments, and other global humanitarian special interests, and lets not forget the global military industrial establishment. Even after USSR collapsed, they were STILL sending up rockets.

Regarding all the printing of money? And how it sounds inflationary? Well, after every inflation there is always a deflation, and the global bozos are scrambling to maintain inflation, as a deflation (commodities and wages of tax PAYERS) is trying to take hold.

There are so many millions of people with unspent trillions of excess money in bank accounts CDs etc, but not enough people willing or able to borrow. So banks don’t really want the money so pay little or no interest, and in some cases charge fees on stagnant bank accounts.

We need videos going viral telling people how to MAKE the country more prosperous ourselves or themselves, without the need for voting in more useless people, that depend on businessmen and lobbyists and activists advising them.

They, politicians, are too uneducated to make right decisions, depend on others and get paid off or DUPED all the time by much smarter pro global businessmen.

If the people only did ONE thing, (40 years ago) like boycott any imported product, it would short circuit all their plans and objectives.

It looks like parts of the global socialist welfare system powers are finally on OUR side to receive global benefits. Weaker dollar (120 to 85) is good for US prosperity. Note higher Oil and booming energy states.

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