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Posted by aurum @ 22:38 on August 9, 2014  

Some TA still works – perhaps as much as ever – it has always been difficult to interpret and not consistent.  So whether the market is more manipulated now than usual I cannot prove nor disprove.  As long as some TA works (and I mean by that that money is made not lost) I will continue.

I always suspected that Sinclair’s angels were some fib progression.  He could still be right though his timing was clearly wrong.

I have no plan to follow BoPo even should he turn out to be correct this time – I like doing my own work.  I just became interested in a few things he said.  He is using his 7 year gold cycle to come up with a low in 2014 off the 2000 low.  If you use the more usual 8 year of course we wait until 2016 or so.  But cycles are irregular and and 14 years is possible.  And as I said the silver cycles seem to have a bottom yet to come.  I could not tell what cycles he uses for silver – but I use the 5 and 10 year cycles which seem to be dominant.




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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.