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Metalsguy: re “article”

Posted by LurkerSince95 @ 22:47 on January 4, 2023  

what a bunch of philosophical garbage!!!!

(from former reactor operator- navy nuclear submarine)

This is long…10 parts…. but it is the most revealing documentary I’ve ever seen with absolute proof of the axiom HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE WINNERS! If you don’t want to know the real world war history, better not watch this. It reveals the real atrocities that have taken place in recent history and who is actually responsible for them.

Posted by silverngold @ 22:30 on January 4, 2023  

EUROPA: THE LAST BATTLE (2017) – FULL DOCUMENTARY HD – THE HISTORY OF THE CABAL  (Atrocities beyond belief) Please give it a few minutes. It’s the real history!!



Posted by ipso facto @ 21:59 on January 4, 2023  

Thanks I’ll check it out.


Posted by MetalsGuy @ 21:55 on January 4, 2023  

There is a lot more to Fukushima than is commonly known.
You may be interested in this article.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:04 on January 4, 2023  

You’d think they could figure out a better way to dispose of it rather than poisoning the oceans. Probably saving a few bucks.

Re: ipso facto @ 20:24

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 20:43 on January 4, 2023  

From what I understand, they have been releasing it for years.
It’s like geoengineering – been doing it for decades but only now admitting it!


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:24 on January 4, 2023  

In the South Pacific, outcry over Japan’s plan to release Fukushima wastewater



Posted by Ororeef @ 20:03 on January 4, 2023  

I made new highs ..keep up the good work !  baby needs a new pair of shoes…  as they say !

Maddog 15:27

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:09 on January 4, 2023  

That’s crazy. All the climate change virtue signalers and no net zero to replace it. Gee what forward thinkers.
Maybe when the pubs start closing down the silent majority will no longer silent and the ones they don’t want to mess with there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Will the Far East push us well up again……all this is getting v different..no sleep for the scum.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:01 on January 4, 2023  

This is what the scum are hiding with their Rig…massive inflation and recession= Stagflation

Posted by Maddog @ 15:27 on January 4, 2023  

Major French Food Company Shuts Down 80 Per Cent of Production as Soaring Energy Costs Make Factories Uneconomical


The group warned that its energy costs were set to surge this year, with president Mathieu Thomazeau saying, “It will go overnight, from 4 million to 40 million euros.”

and France has loads of Nuke power, unlike almost all Countries…..the Net Zero ‘effwits have really stuffed us all.


Posted by Buygold @ 15:20 on January 4, 2023  

shares pretty bullish despite silver down and gold up 10 bucks. I imagine a lot of folks are watching the same thing you are.

HUI should get another day up into the 250-260 range before a pause.

Jobs Friday this week.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:51 on January 4, 2023  

the following AV’s are all close/busted for Hui.

23 Month 249.25

65 week 244.76

200 Day 237.6…we closed just below ystdy….

The base formation of many of the shares projects way up.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:44 on January 4, 2023  

Good luck….sounds like yr one of the unlucky ones, who get it bad.


Posted by aufever @ 12:30 on January 4, 2023  

Cop pulls over a car.

License and registration, please.

Do you know your license has expired?

Man:  No, I didn’t.

Wife:  Yes you did, I told you 2 months ago it was about to expire.

Cop: Do you know you have a broken taillight?

Man:  No, I’ll get it fixed right away.

Wife: I told you 2 weeks ago it was broken.

Cop:  Sir, do you know that you were speeding?

Man: No, sir, I didn’t realize I was.

Wife:  Yes you did — I told you a mile and a half back that you were speeding and needed to slow down.

Man:  Bitch, shut the &*%# up.

Cop:  Ma’am, does he always talk to you this way?

Wife:  No, only when he’s been drinking.


Shares strong

Posted by Buygold @ 10:41 on January 4, 2023  

unbelievably strong actually…

NEM leading again. Gotta love it.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:58 on January 4, 2023  

French Interior Minister Mocked After Saying “Only” 690 Cars Torched On New Year’s Eve



Posted by goldielocks @ 9:47 on January 4, 2023  

I know but at the same time as I see many sectors within the SM having issues now I wonder what’s driving the PMs up. Maddog mentioned some secret buyer. I read a while back China was buying. They like to keep it quiet.

Did you see McCarthy isn’t getting the votes. He wouldn’t agree with the repubs for term limits, a budget, the boarders,
He talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. He talks about America first but walks with the party first. Might be affecting the market.

Btw checking on the weather they mentioned Florida panhandle supposed to get pounded with rain too.
I’ll be signing out for now.

Ipso 9:14

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:33 on January 4, 2023  

I Know and they got away with making sure he would make some kind of plea deal.
You think though more survivors would come forward.

Moron Report ………………. to help in their burglaries

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:30 on January 4, 2023  

‘This is a crime of terrorism.’ WA men accused of substation attacks appear in court


Gmorning all Maya –

Posted by Aguila @ 9:26 on January 4, 2023  

Congrats and condolences on the virus! I havent had it yet, no vax, no mask just plain livin!  But my day will come.  You got it over with *almost*/

Morning Goldie – Maya

Posted by Buygold @ 9:22 on January 4, 2023  

Yeah Goldie, the SM looks like it’s heading south to me. The indexes haven’t done justice to what’s actually taken place in the markets – especially tech. Who knows though?

Maya – that’s nasty, sounds like you got through the worst. I’ve been really fatigued the last month or so. Had a mild headache the last couple of days, but not slammed like you’ve been. Get better.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:14 on January 4, 2023  

It’s really a shame that Epstein didn’t have the opportunity to talk … to spill the beans. That would have been an eye opener!


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:11 on January 4, 2023  

Glad to hear you’re through the worst of it. It sounds horrible. Can you imagine if you hadn’t been prepared?


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:09 on January 4, 2023  

Fortitude Gold Expands East Camp Douglas Mineralized Lithocap Intercepting 4.57 Meters Grading 5.24 G/t Gold Within 15.24 Meters Grading 1.87 G/t Gold


Equity Metals Closes First Tranche of Offering and Outlines Continued Exploration Program at Silver Queen


K2 Gold Stakes New Claims and Confirms Structural Interpretation with ELF Survey at Si2 Project, Nevada, USA


GoGold Provides Outlook for 2023


Shareholder Update: Review of 2022 and Outlook for 2023


Xali Gold agrees to Extension on El Oro Tailings for Additional Payments


Big Ridge Announces Drill Results from 2021 Destiny Drill Program


Orea Receives Government Approvals and Signs Definitive Agreement to Close Acquisition of 100% of 5 million Ounce Montagne d’Or Gold Deposit


Silver Hammer Reports Drill Results from Phase II Program at the Silver Strand Project in Idaho


Marathon Gold Announces Exploration Priorities During Valentine Mine Construction


Kuya Silver Acquires Right to Purchase 100% Interest In Silver Kings Joint Venture, Cobalt, Ontario


Bear Creek Exceeds Guidance with 13,710 Ozs of Gold Produced in Q4 2022 and Discovers a New Vein at Mercedes Returning 0.8 Meters of 89.1 g/t Gold


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