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Greg Hunter with Bill Holter

Posted by silverngold @ 23:02 on January 24, 2023  

One Giant Financial STD and Everybody is Infected – Bill Holter

Talk about making the best of a bad situation, you haven’t seen courage until you watch some of these.

Posted by silverngold @ 21:40 on January 24, 2023  


Posted by amals @ 21:11 on January 24, 2023  

Lol.  Truer words were never spoken.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:08 on January 24, 2023  

Thanks for checking in. If our reward is commensurate with the wait and all the broken hopes then we’ll be doing just fine!

first Eddie in 7 years

Posted by overton @ 21:02 on January 24, 2023  

Thanks, Buygold and Madog

Posted by dbbaba2 @ 20:35 on January 24, 2023  

I’ll checkout NetDania

Buygold and ipso

Posted by amals @ 19:31 on January 24, 2023  

I imagine I speak for many (or at least a bunch of severals) when I say that even though I don’t post everyday, I do check in and read, or at least skim through, every post. I don’t post much on the metals or trading because I don’t know enough to do so, even though I have been involved and paying attention since about 2003 (starting with Gold Eagle and Vronsky, and on through the iterations of GT and Oasis here). I’d hate to see the Oasis vanish; it’s a part of my daily routine, and it has always been good for the information–not just pms, but all sorts of things–as well as the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. I have been willing, and still am, to help with the freight.  The only times I’ve failed to chip in have been when I somehow missed the call.  I do appreciate what you guys and anyone else behind the scenes do, and I’d like to encourage you to continue.  You have my gratitude and support. Besides, one of these days it’s gonna get good.  No, really! 😉


Posted by Buygold @ 18:54 on January 24, 2023  

I go here. Same as Maddog

Forex Majors | Quote List, currency exchange rates – NetDania

West African Resources

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:29 on January 24, 2023  

These guys are doing very well but are thinly traded in the US. Since they pulled off the Canadian exchange you hardly see any of their news in the US. Being in W. Africa is a consideration.

WAF Achieves 2022 Production Guidance with 229,224 oz at AISC of US$1,086/oz

2022 guidance achieved with annual gold production of 229,224 oz at AISC of US$1,086/oz
Q4 gold production of 49,807 oz at AISC of US$1,286/oz
Q4 unhedged gold sales of 55,364 oz at an average gold price of US$1,758/oz
A$64m of operating cashflow in Q4 before A$25m tax instalment
A$173m cash at end of Q4 2022
Kiaka project:
Earthworks commenced
Awarded ECPM contract to Lycopodium
Awarded SAG and ball mill package to Metso Outotec
Commenced shortlisting proposals targeting US$300 million debt financing for Kiaka
M1 South significant reserve definition diamond drilling results included:
25m at 90.17 g/t gold
24m at 38.56 g/t gold
26m at 21.86 g/t gold
20m at 19.47 g/t gold
19.5m at 16.21 g/t gold
MV3 East significant high-grade diamond drilling results included:
20.5m at 2.98 g/t gold
16m at 2.88 g/t gold
21m at 2.16 g/t gold
12m at 2.02 g/t gold
M5 underground scoping study commenced, resource definition drilling commenced
Next quarter milestones:
Annual Reserve & Resource update, 10-year production outlook, and 2023 guidance
Appoint preferred lenders for Kiaka debt finance
Further drilling results from M1 South underground and M5 South deeps

Maddog @ 15:45

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:13 on January 24, 2023  

Tanks are bad enough but if we send jet fighters over there then we’ll really know the evil ones want a nuclear war. Dogfights won’t be contained over country boundaries and the adjoining countries will get involved.

Midnight Gardener @ 15:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:10 on January 24, 2023  

Thanks for all the good sense in your post. I was hoping to see more participation since we’ve been on an uptrend but perhaps that is farther down the road.

I have some of that Walker River … it was nice to see it awaken from it’s comatose state.

Sabina is tempting if I find myself with some cash!


Buygold @ 14:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:58 on January 24, 2023  

Yeah today ended up pretty good. I wouldn’t sell Snowline here but it has been a disappointment recently.

Ororeef @ 13:37

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:54 on January 24, 2023  

“$450 heating bill”

Aincha glad to be helping the war effort! I guess we should just be glad we don’t live in Ukraine, pawns being blown up courtesy of the NWO.

Wuff Wuff re Germany to send Leopard tanks to Kyiv

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:12 on January 24, 2023  

Long ago I read something about when economic times are getting bad the system likes to have a war to bail it out. Well Germany tried to kill or take over USSR long ago. Millions of Russians got killed. You can bet your asses the Russians didn’t forget and are still pissed off, and they have plenty of money and natural recourses.

The Europeans are spoiled and dumb, because if they think they can create new money or bonds to finance a war, to boost the economy like they said about WW II, it got us out of the depression, it could collapse the US Dollar. Putin is being nice when warning the west to stop trying to absorb part of Russia.

When they claimed WW II, got us out of the great depression, it was misinformation.  A lie really or stupidity. Because what ended the great depression was the banning and confiscating of GOLD first in 1934 that was NEEDED to leverage up and finance and or get ready for WW II to put people back to work.

Are the dummies of today in the USA going to take in all the gold again?? Or just risk the USD and double the national debt? To $64 trillion? To tangle ass holes with Russia?? Seems strange the USA was always allies with Russia and China. But then again many things are in reverse.

Germany to send Leopard tanks to Kyiv, allow others to do so – sources

Posted by Maddog @ 15:45 on January 24, 2023  

and still they ratchet up…..


FYI Re Dogs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:42 on January 24, 2023  

I had CSV small amount, it was bought out by ORLA and lately I’m in the money on it.  Not recommending it. I’m sure there are higher quality miners out there to pick. So far AGI is a very big position i have doing great. IAG dog seems to be doing good too. HL DRD also catching up. Even CDE bum is up 50% in 6 mo. Even GATO dog up over 80% in 6 mo. MUX + 110% 6 mo. My account balance keeps eking out new highs from Sept lows. Naturally we need Gold to keep going up. And the Feeble Reserve Note to drop.

Hi Ipso

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 15:19 on January 24, 2023  

I think the traffic might be down to some degree due to we are all waiting, waiting for that day we wake up and gold is up 100 and the shares believe it. As I say on my irregular posts, patience.

That being said, yourself and the other regular posters are a much enjoyed part of my day when I check in at the Oasis. Daily I will say, no matter where I am in the world. It’s a great site.

But to chat about juniors, Walker River, WRR moved a bit recently. Sabina, SBB should move as they are advancing their project and there are ounces there still not counted on the books. They are a patience game. LOL, many times mine ran thin, thankfully some good articles, like the Jim Roger’s one you just posted, and a glass of wine, stop me from hitting the sell button.

I do get the feeling, and it’s only that, that our long wait is over and some fun posts and winning stories will be shared here.

Gold up 9.50 as I type…. Not a bad Tuesday. I remember not long ago, Tuesdays were  never to almost never up.



Posted by Maddog @ 15:16 on January 24, 2023  

Domestic energy prices are a disgrace…i am paying nearly 3 times for electricity, gas prices are well more than double…yet cash Nat Gas, has collapsed to less than it was before Ukraine kicked off…..


Posted by Maddog @ 15:14 on January 24, 2023  

Try Netdania…they price everything, currencies, metals, softs, Stock indeces and some bonds

@drb2 re your 13:30, Thank You Of Course Smiles Here

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:38 on January 24, 2023  

GORO results

Posted by Buygold @ 14:23 on January 24, 2023  

Good for a $.05 bump

Gold Resource Corporation Announces Preliminary Results of Over 30,000 Gold Ounces Produced and Sold, Exceeding Production Guidance For 2022

10:25 am ET January 17, 2023 (BusinessWire) Print
Gold Resource Corporation (NYSE American: GORO) (the “Company”) sold a total of 30,119 ounces of gold and 1,057,209 ounces of silver in 2022 for a gold equivalent total of 42,757 gold equivalent ounces. Additionally, during the year the Company sold 14,157 tonnes of zinc, 1,348 tonnes of copper, and 5,391 tonnes of lead contributing to a strong cash balance of over $23 million.

Allen Palmiere, President and CEO said “Despite global challenges faced this year, such as inflation, and localized challenges such as ground support and ventilation, gold and silver production at the Don David Gold Mine in Mexico still ended the year above guidance. While our grade profile is expected to decline in 2023, we continue to identify and implement improvement opportunities, including collaborating with local communities to ensure sustainability. Work continues with the feasibility study to advance the Back Forty Project in Michigan and once completed, preparation of State of Michigan permits will follow. In addition to the feasibility study work, we continue to focus on engaging with the local community.”

Mild Tailwinds, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 14:02 on January 24, 2023  

Looks like a little weaker USD, Rates and higher SM might be keeping our heads above water. I still think that if we’re going to correct this rally it will be in here. Hope not.

Ipso – yeah snowline hasn’t been too impressive, especially since it ran up to almost $3 just a couple weeks ago. Hoping it has some support in here somewhere.

Price Reporting

Posted by dbbaba2 @ 14:02 on January 24, 2023  

Kitco on my Apple phone is showing gold at $4.00 (red). On my desktop it’s $4.00 (green)

Price reporting

Posted by dbbaba2 @ 13:48 on January 24, 2023  

Is there a better Price source for precious metals then Kitco?

ipso facto @ 13:30 HEY IPSO add this to your post I got a $450.00

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:37 on January 24, 2023  

heating bill and then I read about what the reason was…..they are taking nat gas which is plentiful in the US and converting it to LNG so they can EXPORT it to EUROPE !  So this is what the Ukrainians are doing to us when they keep their WAR going ..instead of buying local Russian gas politicians have decided Americans should pay more to subsidize Europe because they wont make peace with Russia..Fuck Ukraine  they are the most corrupt country in the world ..run by a Nazi jew who is building himself mansions in three other parts of the world for about 100 million …He wants to keep the war going,its very profitable for him and the Military Industrial Complex  . Europe needs to buy its nat gas locally and the US needs to sell its nat Gas locally and stop this political corruption and kickbacks to the Bidens for their support of this madness .Remember it was BIDEN who sabotaged the pipelines to Europe forcing Germany to buy LNG. FUCK JOE BIDEN.. Stop converting cheap American nat gas to LNG so Biden can get a kickback !  That crooked bastard..Now they say its going to be YEARS of expensive nat gas for the US because its becoming converted to LNG for export …

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