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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:39 on January 5, 2023  

Sunrise flyer



Posted by goldielocks @ 20:54 on January 5, 2023  

This is a good one for any relatives you have in California, He used to work for airlines guiding planes in. Learned a few things from him, He gives detailed reports on weather and what’s coming, normal weather channels tend to be bias.

Lots of speakers manana

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:50 on January 5, 2023  

Maybe higher volatility of all sectors.
Sideways with sm reached top of channel yesterday and bottom today. Wedge narrowing. So will tomorrow’s volatility drive it below support or will it bounce back?


Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 19:31 on January 5, 2023  

I remember some years ago, around 2018 or so, a chart was posted that looked like 2023 was the year the gold bull would really go. Cant remember who posted the chart but it was one of the many good technical guys who post once in a while.  I thought back then, no way. The gold bull will start sooner than that.

Well, its 2023, Im looking forward to, wave 3 of the gold bull taking off. Since all Ive been doing since wave 1 in 2020 is building positions. Yes, the down times are tough to sit through. Be right and sit tight has taken way longer than I initially thought.



@ipso facto, Right Agreed

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:25 on January 5, 2023  

Maddog @ 15:03

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:31 on January 5, 2023  

Lots of truth’s there! We need to take back our country.

PM shares have recovered quite a bit. Nice to see!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:25 on January 5, 2023  


Maddog @ 14:2

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:23 on January 5, 2023  

Gotta love the developments at Twitter! Elon better watch out … they are after him.

Mr.Copper @ 14:04

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:21 on January 5, 2023  

In the scenario I talked about the printing would bail out the banks or some other financial establishment. The gov can’t allow a contagion to develop. It’s pretty much a certainty that this would happen.

It’s not all disaster though. If we can throw the WEF people out then we’ve got a chance.

The Coup We Never Knew

Posted by Maddog @ 15:03 on January 5, 2023  

The Coup We Never Knew

If VDH is talking about it, then it will get serious wings…..


Posted by Maddog @ 14:27 on January 5, 2023  


I think another hole in the Rig, is what went on at Twatter and of course Goggle and Faceplant etc.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:25 on January 5, 2023  

Cheers tks.

Which means that as they are viable, they are being held back, especially now, as energy demand is driving prices to the Moon.

@ipso facto re your and then we’ll see the printers hum.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:04 on January 5, 2023  

But the money has to go directly to the public somehow if they want people to spend it. But then again, they raised rates to curtail spending. They are screwed. They started taking chips work away from China, the way they started taking work away from us after 1970. I think they may have waited too long to build us back up. It might be in a global master plan, re the new Ellis Island on the southern border. 1890 1910 that’s when the global banker players decided to build us up with tons of printed money after 1913. Highways bridges, factories etc.

I’m sure Henry Ford and all the others re steel railroad mogels all did well until ’29, then ’34 they started a new round or printing and did well again. Once we got all wealthied up by 1970, they pulled our plug. Now they are pulling the plug on China after they got wealthied up and plugging us back in, maybe.

Basically they would have to get rid of foreign competition for domestic businesses, make then very profitable like Henre Ford for ex and we would have to make our own consumer products here like we used to. Excess profits and excess wages we would be able to prosper and pay down debt with taxes instead of building it up. Everything has to reverse. Its been full circle. The rest of the world needs a well off USA if they want to milk us again later on.

MADDOG………….. small nukes

Posted by LurkerSince95 @ 13:36 on January 5, 2023  

entirely possible    (designs have already been submitted for gov approval)

but 100 MWe  are too small to supply large cities like NY or LA or Miami

(note: US navy has had over 200 + small nukes operating for many years without a single ACCIDENT !)

Maddog @ 11:39

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:48 on January 5, 2023  

Great post!

The various rigs may be dominant right now but we know they can’t continue indefinitely. Reality has a way of asserting itself. Big financial concerns will blow up … and then we’ll see the printers hum.

Seems to me the broad trend is towards commodity value instead of paper debt and promises. The scam of fiat money will come to an end. The BRICs countries will accelerate this trend. JMO


Small manufacturing enterprises?



Posted by Maddog @ 11:39 on January 5, 2023  

Re Blain and the UK.

he is dancing around the fact that the Rig exists, which means the mkts no longer function, as they shud. Put simply we have total ‘effwits running most of the shows, ergo the SM’s shud be on their knees and still heading south fast, as not one of ‘effwits has the slightest clue how to run a serious economy/country, only how to talk bull shit, while trousering as much dosh as they can, as fast as they can.

We have a group running most countries, the WEF, that is run by a certifiable lunatic, who really does believe u can plug a chip into a human and wifi them to the Cloud, in order to significantly improve out put, so much so, we can wipe out 2/3 plus of humanity, to ‘save’ Gaia and the ‘effwits are trying to shape their economies along those lines ….and the SM’s supposedly say no probs, I’m fine with that, even a bit bullish.!!!!!!

Meanwhile what really happens is that anytime the SM’s look like the shiite they are, the scum buy unlimited amounts of futures, sell the Vix to near zero and hey presto the Tracker Algo’s jump on the scum’s back, the world if it noticed, shrugs and carries right on, ignoring all those real bear arguements that Blain has……

Will this be a turning point year, when things get so bad, the mkts overwhelm the scum…maybe…I do think energy prices could drive so many SME’s out of business, that the economy collapses, as the bills are real and everywhere I go few can pay them.

The other fact he ignores, is that inflation is baked in, as we know they will print, at the slightest sign of recession….yet can never raise rates to any serious level….once again the Rig cancels/disguises all normal inflation hedges/warning mkt signs, for the moment.

PS re his comments on the UK….pretty accurate….but maybe too mild. Last time we had such ‘effwits in charge, was back inn the 70’s …a labour government,,, this time its a supposedly tory one, which means labour could be next and thay have learnt nothing from the 70’s, thye will just add fuel to a huge fire….unless we elect a small party od sensible adults, those parties exist…but for some crazy reason, people are scared to vote for them, even when what they have/on offer is a nightmare….in short the UK is ++++ed .

Surfs up

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:14 on January 5, 2023  

Coming from China
Haven’t checked North Cal where the big ones can come in even without a storm 50-70ft waves but heard they got pounded by the weather. Roads flooding. We have up to 10 days, since yesterday with possible worse rains coming on the 11 th which would not be good since the ground already saturated and levies flooding.

Three deaths , drowning here and couple others , a fallen tree including sadly a infant. When there’s a tree people need to move to other side of house if possible.

Jaws type waves are starting to form.
Tides 6 ft waves up to 20

San Diego

Giant waves, dangerous rip currents expected in Ventura County



Posted by Maddog @ 11:08 on January 5, 2023  


What do u think of the idea of useing small nukes, such as ones on subs/ships, to run cities etc….

Dr. Peter McCullough Provides In-Depth Analysis on Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:30 on January 5, 2023  

“Before COVID-19 vaccines, the average number of cardiac arrests in all of the European soccer football leagues, which is way more players than the NFL, the average number of cardiac arrests was 29 per year. That’s before the vaccines. The vaccines are ushered in in 2021, and since that time, the tally now for cardiac arrests on the field with professional sports players in Europe — 1,598! 1,101 of them have been fatal cases. Two-thirds cannot be resuscitated. So Damar Hamlin was very fortunate he was in the third that was successfully resuscitated and survived thus far.”

Dr. Peter McCullough Provides In-Depth Analysis on Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on January 5, 2023  

Any reason will do for the market riggers. And besides their numbers are so trustworthy …

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:02 on January 5, 2023  

Stocks, Bonds, Gold Dump As ‘Good’ Jobs Data Spike Rate-Hike Expectations

A double whammy of better than expected jobs data this morning (just ignore the massive layoffs at Amazon etc) has sparked a hawkish reaction in the market’s expectations of Fed actions with the terminal rate now back above 5% – at pre-December-CPI levels…


Maddog …. what do you think about Blain’s comments about the UK? Accurate?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:00 on January 5, 2023  

Blain: Recession Or Inflation… Pick Yer Poison!


@Buygold re Gold and Silver

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:25 on January 5, 2023  

Check out all the high volume 5 minute bars since 8:00 am. Something (Goldman?) must have spooked a bunch of futures contracts gamblers to bail and another bunch (Goldman?) buying the spooked sellers contracts. There has been news stories of bank employees entering big sell orders, to cause selling and immediately canceling them and switch to buy on the lows they created. I assume the the Fed is involved. But overall they are failing to control things after 9/11/01 gold was $250/oz n Silver $4?

The NWO 1913 Fed central planning system peaked n ended n reversed after 9/11 n ‘08. Because of incentives n de-centives to keep it going, many values got very distorted too high or low n the system is trying to right itself from abnormal to normal the way I see it.



Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on January 5, 2023  

White Gold Corp. Intersects Significant Additional Gold Mineralization including 5.34 g/t Gold over 10.85m Further Extending Mineralization Along Strike at the Ryan’s Surprise Target on its Flagship White Gold Property, Yukon, Canada


Fortuna challenges decision to re-assess extension of San Jose Mine Environmental Impact Authorization


PointMan Adopted by IAMGOLD to Improve Safety Operations


Reyna Silver Completes Medicine Springs Option Acquisition




Queensland Gold Hills Corp. Changes Name to Q2 Metals Corp. and Will Commence Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange Under Ticker Symbol ‘QTWO’ Effective Monday, January 9, 2023


GGX Gold Reviewing Critical Mineral Status Tellurium-Gold Veins


GoldHaven Signs Letter of Intent for Proposed Plan of Arrangement in Chile


GGL Completes Underground Exploration and Surface Drilling at its Gold Point Project, Nevada




Royal Gold Announces Acquisition of Additional Royalty Interests on the World-Class Cortez Gold Complex in Nevada and Outlines Simplified Approach to Describing Royal Gold’s Multiple Royalty Interests at Cortez


Mako Mining Intersects 98.50 g/t Au and 66.3 g/t Ag over 1.9m (Estimated True Width) 39m from Surface at the San Albino SW Pit


Comstock Announces Historic, World-Class District Consolidation


Step Out Drilling Expands Collective Mining’s Main Breccia Discovery at Apollo to The West and At Depth





Posted by MetalsGuy @ 8:52 on January 5, 2023  

I don’t agree with the whole article either, but I’ve encountered a lot of this information previously.
I must thank you for your most erudite response!

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