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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:04 on January 23, 2023  

Big Boy Muscles


More escalation

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:03 on January 23, 2023  

Huge blow for Putin as Germany says it WON’T block Poland sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine: Move allows Europe to send modern armoured vehicles as Russia prepares new mobilisation


Mr. Copper – silver

Posted by Buygold @ 18:01 on January 23, 2023  

I’m thinking along the same line as you, that your blue line of the 50 dma will hold.

Hope so anyway.

Quiet here today

Posted by Buygold @ 17:52 on January 23, 2023  

We’re did OK given the beat down in silver. At least the shares don’t seem to be getting hit too hard. I missed the morning session but it looked ugly early on from what I can tell. Shares have an underlying bid?

SLV was down on heavy volume, third day out of the last five. We’ll see what that means, if anything.


LOL Dirty Dirty

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:15 on January 23, 2023  

Top FBI ‘Russiagate’ Official Arrested For Colluding With Russian Oligarch: DOJ

A former top FBI counterintelligence official – in fact, the guy who received the tip that supposedly kicked off the Trump-Russia investigation – has been arrested and charged with violating US sanctions on Russia by taking secret payments from a Russian oligarch in order to investigate another oligarch.


Nouriel Roubini

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:05 on January 23, 2023  

said GOLD could rise 10% a year for the next several years !  Well …if the bottom line for positive earnings goes up 10 % and the stock trades at 15 times earnings  ….It seems to me 150 % a year for the next several years is more than likely …and thats without an increase in p/e and an enormous rush of cash without a safe home to go to is going to be explosive !!!  Theres NO RUSH like a GOLD RUSH ..Gold is the only door that exists to escape the FIRE  !  sale in Stocks and Bonds….and its a tiny door compared to the size of whats behind it !


@ipso facto Roger That Agreed.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:59 on January 23, 2023  

Another thing to keep in mind, businesses in general constantly want to keep expenses down so they can sell their goods cheaper than competition. So naturally they pay as little as possible. They cheap out on the most valuable asset. The workers that do the dirty jobs (guy) to keep the rest of us alive.

So you end up with unhappy people. The USA is LOADED with unhappy working poor too. So instead they just go in stors and take out their needs. So many others here not paying electric bills. Millions stopped paying mortgages around 2007-8.   I think even the gov’ts are getting unhappy with poor tax receipts, and businesses are getting unhappy with less profits because of poor customers. And thieves.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:44 on January 23, 2023  

Thanks. Peru has had periodic problems with the labor force and regulating the mines for years. As you say there appears to be increasing pressures on the miners in various countries. labor problems, governments wanting a bigger piece of the pie etc. That’s why I try and stay out of certain countries. Who needs their multi hundred million dollar mine seized and be left with nothing. A lot of the S. American countries rank low in the Frazier rankings and I have little invested there.

@ipso facto, Natives Not Happy In Numerous Countries

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:25 on January 23, 2023  

This is the trend I was talking about. Natives not happy with local leadership making agreements with foreign miners Swiss in this case, doing business, taking Copper from their land. Granted it creates jobs and they pay royalties but people that are not happy with the past, will elect a “Trump” in many countries.

Then the status quo, is not happy. And throw out the “Trump.” Then they protest. BTW I’m seeing news big shots predicting a general market crash. Two articles today alone. This could be Jawboning to headwind the market speculation. If markets keep going up Fed will HAVE to raise rates, they don’t want to do that. Talking the market down makes better sense to them.


Unrest has rattled Peru since the ouster and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo (a “Trump”) late last year. Protest leaders are demanding a general election. According to the Swiss miner, a group of citizens from the Espinar province, where Antapaccay is located, arrived at the site Friday noon and demanded that operations be stopped and that the firm issue a communiqué asking for the resignation of Peruvian President Dina Boluarte.

Glencore halts operations in Peru due to violent protests – MINING.COM

Re Silver

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:52 on January 23, 2023  

I just bought some more 2X long silver AGQ on this dip today. Note the high volume bar today. and touching the blue uptrend line.


This ones been flying … Fosterville South Explorations … I don’t know much about it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:12 on January 23, 2023  



Glencore halts operations in Peru due to violent protests

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:07 on January 23, 2023  

Following Friday’s attack that set on fire a worker housing area, Glencore announced that it has halted operations at the Antapaccay copper mine in southern Peru.

In a media statement, the company said that yesterday’s incidents endangered the safety of its employees and, therefore, authorities should start taking action to safeguard people’s integrity and private property rights.

Glencore halts operations in Peru due to violent protests

More effective?

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:54 on January 23, 2023  

Hard for me to see the advantage to this …

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:10 on January 23, 2023  

Brazil and Argentina Are Discussing Whether to Combine Currencies


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:02 on January 23, 2023  

Endeavour Achieves Top End of FY-2022 Guidance; Announces H2-2022 Dividend of $100m




GoGold Drills Highest Grade Hole to Date at Los Ricos


Amex Reports Several High Grade Intercepts from HGZ Including 75.81 g/t Au over 4.85 m


Fury Drills Multiple Zones of High-Grade Gold at the Hinge Target including 22.77 g/t Gold over 1.5 Metres


Cassiar Gold Expands Mineralization at Surface Intersecting 171.9 m of 0.66 g/t Au at the Taurus Gold Deposit


Karora Resources Drills 9.5 g/t Over 7.1 metres at Western Flanks Deeps and Extends Potential Mineralized Strike at New Mason Zone to 700 metres


Rise Gold Increases Equity Financing to US$2,500,000


Strategic Metals Discovers New Veins at its Mt. Hinton Gold-Silver Project, Yukon


Kenorland Announces 2023 Winter Drill Program at the Frotet Project and Grants Stock Options


West Vault Mining Announces 51% IRR Pre-Feasibility Study Update for Hasbrouck Gold Project


Finlay Minerals extends Gaul Zone Copper-Silver-Gold Mineralization 100 metres south


Asante Announces Financing of Up to US$50 Million


Field Work Confirms Mineralised Copper-Gold Skarn at the Southmore Copper-Gold Project in BC’s Golden Triangle


ATAC Discovers Additional High-grade Copper and Gold Mineralization at Catch Property, Yukon


Callinex Receives Final Drill Assays and Awaits Maiden Resource Estimate on Rainbow Deposit Located in the Flin Flon Mining District, MB


Excelsior Mining Receives Approval for New Leach Pad at Johnson Camp Mine


Cordoba Minerals Completes Initial In-fill Drilling Program and Confirms High-Grade Copper-Gold Mineralization Within the Core of the Alacran Deposit at its 100%-owned San Matias Copper-Gold-Silver Project in Colombia


Canex Intersects 27.4 Metres of 1.1 g/t Gold In New Drill Discovery at the Gold Range Project, Arizona


Ashley Gold Provides Detailed Context and Exploration Plans on Howie Lake Project


StrikePoint Gold to Acquire Cuprite Gold Project in Nevada’s Walker Lane Gold Trend from Orogen Royalties


Ascot Drills Its Highest-Grade Intercept at the Day Zone: 199 g/t Gold Over 1.0 Metre




Mawson’s Subsidiary SXG Reports More High Grade Drilling Including 3.4 meters at 24.8 g/t AuEq at Sunday Creek, Victoria, Australia


Wolfden Submits Re-Zoning Application for a Mine at the Pickett Mt. Project in Maine


Montage Releases First Results from Satellite Drill Program including 78m of 2.70g/t Gold at Gbongogo and 20m of 7.22g/t Gold at Lokolo Main


Mundoro Options to BHP Exploration Properties in Timok, Serbia


Looks like

Posted by deer79 @ 8:52 on January 23, 2023  

The 50 MA of $22.95 for silver ( on a 6 month chart….sorry, but I’m not very good at figuring out how to post charts), bumps up against the bottom sideways channel for silver).

Hope it holds…

USD came all the way back

Posted by Buygold @ 8:38 on January 23, 2023  

hasn’t really hurt gold yet but weighing on silver in its’ dance with $24.

Shares down a little, trying to figure out which way we’re going.

Early Monday – first look

Posted by Buygold @ 5:46 on January 23, 2023  

USD is slowly slipping south in the overnights, gold flat after trying to pop $1930. Siver the weak sister again down close to 1%.

SM flat, rates flat. Oil up 1/2%

A whole lot of nothing going on to start the day, but better than waking up to down $50.

Didn’t realize that gold has solidly overtaken palladium on the price side. Palladium down around $1800 after getting above $3K. Maybe it’s golds turn to lead the metals to the promised land.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:17 on January 23, 2023  



Features of a Electronic Data Place

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 23, 2023  

If you are looking with respect to an online business solution to manage and share your data, a virtual data space may be the answer. With the ability to look at and store documents securely from everywhere, a online data room can help Check Out you set up your business’s data. This is particularly beneficial during a great IPO.

The an GOING PUBLIC involves a whole lot of paperwork. It is crucial to keep confidential info secure. Because of this, it is important to utilize a virtual info room.

Online Data Rooms allow businesses to control their data more efficiently. That they enable the viewing of sensitive data without the likelihood of copying or making it possible for unauthorized get. In addition , electronic data rooms are easy and cost-effective.

There are several reasons why a virtual info room might be the best fit in for your organization. Before you invest in a item, it’s a good idea to determine your budget and requirements. After all, only a few of your details should be noticeable to everyone in the enterprise.

A electronic data area is a great easy-to-use course that simplifies the processes of critiquing, organizing, and croping and editing documents. You can also create multiple permission levels to regulate who can see or perhaps modify a document.

The legal sector generates a lot of data, in fact it is crucial to defend these documents. CapLinked VDR software is a great choice because it delivers simple however secure document management.

When a combination or acquire occurs, the volume of information which should be shared will increase greatly. With the obligation virtual info room, all parties engaged can converse and job more effectively.

Picking Board Assembly Online Tools

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 23, 2023  

Board getting together with online tools allow aboard members to interact with one another online. They will discuss issues and share recommendations on what future insurance policies and projects need to be. This is a helpful means for everyone to stay on a single page.

The very best software pertaining to board appointments has a graphical user interface that is user-friendly. It should include tutorials and https://ebooks-sap.com/ work training. And also team effort and data file storage software. A good program will help to lessen our error and maintain the getting together with going.

Selecting the right board achieving online tools will depend on the needs of the company. A lot of companies could opt for completely online alternatives, while others might desire a combination of both. Regardless of the decision, it is important to consider the user experience.

New generation application is designed to increase the speed where files and documents can be accessed. Also, the results in the method is enriched, making it easier to find people responsible for a certain job. Having a safer portal will likely increase confidence when writing sensitive material.

Before choosing a platform, this can be a good idea to inquire stakeholders for his or her input. This will make the changover to some new program go softer.

When deciding on a board conference online tool, it is vital to ensure that it provides security features. These steps are necessary to protect the privacy of individuals and ensure the safety of IT systems.

You can also decide on a platform which allows for current collaboration. With these tools, you may schedule a virtual panel meeting that could be held coming from anywhere.

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