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Posted by ipso facto @ 15:58 on January 26, 2023  

Most people don’t know the value of a gold backed currency. They only think of the convenience and the politicians only want the power and wealth that fiat currency gives them. Eventually everyone will find out how important gold is … but then there’ll be chaos.

Yup an ugly day

Posted by Maddog @ 15:58 on January 26, 2023  

for us but a beauty for the scum, stopped dollar fall, capped PM’s nicely and their beloved SM marches on without a care in the world.

Still we have had quite a run only 2 down weeks out of 12 so far….

@ ipso facto re what is known?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:10 on January 26, 2023  

If everyone searched and read on wiki Bretton Woods Agreement in New Hampshire 1945 everyone would know what happened before the war and after the war and how things evolved after and what led to the failure of the agreement and loss of gold backing on the US dollar and removal of industries.

Mr.Copper @ 13:5

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:45 on January 26, 2023  

If you’re saying that the controlled media is hiding stuff from us I’d have to agree. Beyond that … not everything is known …

@ ipso facto re what was isn’t what is

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:51 on January 26, 2023  

Have you noticed the media and even postings simply tell us what is or what we already know but never tell us what was or how it got to what is.

Mr.Copper @ 13:39

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:46 on January 26, 2023  

Yer right Mr. C! Offshoring of our manufacturing base has been a disaster for Americans. Hopefully some of it is coming back now.

It’s an ugly day in the neighborhood

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:43 on January 26, 2023  

@ipso facto re Poor Desperate Muggers

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:39 on January 26, 2023  

I as a manufacturer in 1970 knew poverty and resultant crime in USA would grow as I saw the Toyotas Hondas, Sony TVs, Japanese Korean machinery and everything else coming into USA. They jacked up business taxes and great currency exchange rates made businesses go off shore. Trump lowered taxes to bring them back. Also neglected to raise the base wage 7% per year to maintain equality.

What a Hell Hole … A relative who lived in a city once told me that it’s important to carry some amount of cash so that if you got mugged you wouldn’t anger the mugger and get beaten.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:56 on January 26, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:51 on January 26, 2023  


Posted by Maddog @ 9:43 on January 26, 2023  

The scum are all over 1940 etc…with the SM flying we shud be as well….but not today so far……but boy is there buying around.

and I see AG just got wacked below $ 24 … again

Truth keeps leaking out

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:26 on January 26, 2023  

“Directed Evolution”? Pfizer R&D Exec Says Covid-19 Created In Wuhan, Is ‘Cash Cow’ For Company

A high-level Pfizer employee was caught on undercover camera by Project Veritas when he inadvertently dropped several bombshells which we’re confident will be subject to extreme damage control over the coming weeks.


Maya @ 0:10

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:24 on January 26, 2023  

Should have been in the Onion. Soon they’ll try to put MRNA junk in your cornflakes.

Silver busts $24 with authority

Posted by Buygold @ 9:23 on January 26, 2023  


I guess we go higher…

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:11 on January 26, 2023  

NOVAGOLD Reports Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results


Thesis Gold Drills 95.70 Metres of 1.60 g/t Au at Thesis 3 Zone


Fortitude Gold Announces Initial County Line Mineral Resource Estimate


Probe Gold to Begin Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange; Launches New Website


Troilus Drills 4.33 g/t AuEq Over 29m, incl. 6.37 g/t Over 18m at the 87-J Connector Zone




McEwen Copper: Los Azules – Robust Assay Results


Guanajuato Silver Produces Record 836,375 AgEq Ounces in Q4


Kiboko Gold Drills Multiple High-grade Intervals Including 8.7 g/t Au Over 9 m and 23.9 g/t Au Over 3 m at its Harricana Gold Project


American Creek’s JV Partner Tudor Gold Provides Corporate Update on the Treaty Creek Joint Venture Project, Located in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia




Silver Valley Metals Reports Exploration Results from the Crown Point Mine; Numerous High Priority Drill Targets Identified at its Ranger-Page Project in the Silver Valley, Northern Idaho, USA




Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Reports Update on Waterberg Project Infill Drill Program


Santacruz Silver Reports 2022 Full-Year Record Production of 15,010,871 Silver Equivalent Ounces


Eagle Plains Executes Option Agreement with Canter on Puzzle Lake Project, Saskatchewan


Almadex Announces Updated Resource Estimate for the Logan Zinc/Silver Project, Yukon Territory, Canada


Inca One Gold Reports Record Calendar Q4 2022 Sales of US$12.4 Million and December Production Results


Greatland Gold upbeat on Havieron resource update


Better than expected

Posted by Buygold @ 8:40 on January 26, 2023  

4th Quarter GDP 2.9% vs. 2.6% expectations

Durable goods hotter than expected up 5.6% vs 2.9 expectations

Our pm’s are all over the map, but the dip is being bought.

The eco news that just came out would have knocked us into the dirt for $20-30 not too long ago, it was pretty bullish. We actually seem to react to almost all news bullish lately.

Silver just busted $24…

6:22 am EST Crimex Opens

Posted by Buygold @ 8:26 on January 26, 2023  

silver now flat after being down over 1%, gold grinding back a few cents at a time.

USD still up a little, we’ll see if it can hold

eco data in 5 minutes

5 am EST

Posted by Buygold @ 5:09 on January 26, 2023  

They’ve been goosing the dollar a little in the overnights so they’re hitting gold for $10 and silver for $.30.

The USD failed to hold its gains yesterday and could easily do that again today. Gold is up 3 days in a row and 5 out of the last 6, the HUI is up 5 days in a row.

They may make us wait until next week to breach $24 silver. That’s the big line in the sand and probably the most important thing for the sector – silver breaking out. Gold wants to go higher, just needs any old excuse.

MODERNA announces… mRNA to stop Heart Attacks!

Posted by Maya @ 0:10 on January 26, 2023  



Does that include the heart attacks caused by the Covid shots??

The ghoulish irony of it all.   Sudden death will stop a heart attack, also.

The way to select a Data Place Provider

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 26, 2023  

Data room providers have grown to be more popular available world. They are designed to let companies to manage and share papers securely.

For top level data room provider, you need to look at several factors. Some of them include features, security, and price.

The results room that you just choose is usually determined by your company’s demands. It must be flexible enough to meet the requirements of your specific industry. For example , a biotech firm might desire a HIPAA compliant VDR.

One other consideration certainly is the security within the software. A few generic file sharing services usually are built for huge amounts of data, and they don’t supply the same level of protection as a specialist VDR.

You might want to try out a demo before you make a purchase. A very good demo can make it easier to rationalize the expense of the new product.

A lot of providers give a free trial, while others charge every user. There are also some smooth rate ideas. But , you should take the time to evaluate your options.

One of the best features of a virtual info room may be the ability to can charge restrictions on the quantity of information completely illuminated. You can also create a program for file access, or prevent users from stamping www.digitsecrets.net/the-highest-ranked-virtual-deal-room-software-in-2021 or perhaps saving files.

Using a virtual data room can help you to save money by simply reducing the cost of coping with sensitive info. In addition , a superb data place provider can continue track of the files to make sure that they are being used the right way.

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