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Maya, what my imagination “sees”

Posted by silverngold @ 23:05 on January 8, 2023  

You got a friend with a picker truck in to push back the jungle so you could recover a failing line of sight communication with a transmitter/receiver.

The new direct line of sight signal, in order to reach you, had previously been turned to a much higher frequency and once it was unobstructed you received a strong dose of EMF poisoning whose symptoms are the same as “COVID-19″…which does not exist..

So you got a test, probably a rapid test but maybe a PCR test, and the result showed positive to SARS-CoV-2, a lab created virus made about the turn of the century that failed to have the harmful effects they wanted but was handy to use to scare the world into compliance for the COVID-19 plandemic.

In administering the test you/they inserted the swab into each nostril and rubbed it around to collect mucus for the test. Your nose became a little sore and irritated afterwards because there are prickly particles on the swab that penetrate and stay in your nostrils and give you SARS-CoV-2 which was already on the swab…so you got the flu as well as being impregnated with a dose of Graphene Oxide which was also on the swab, and the combination of the EMF poisoning, the SARS-CoV-2, and the Graphene Oxide made you sick enough to take all your preparations including Ivermectin etc which are good for you in any event.

Should I become a fiction writer??? And also wondering if your friend got sick too???? All the Best from Silverngold!


@ Maya…

Posted by old-timer @ 20:53 on January 8, 2023  

With that Chicago overnight engine pic,

I take it that you are feeling batter!

I hope so.

Got a chuckle from that pic!


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on January 8, 2023  

Doesn’t China know our T-Bills are just as good as gold?

In the meantime, the US pours billions into the Ukraine war machine

Posted by Buygold @ 19:08 on January 8, 2023  

China Extends Aggressive Gold Buying With Another 30 Tons Purchase In December

teaser image

For the second month in a row, China reported an increase in its gold reserves topping up holdings again after its first reported purchase in more than three years.


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:39 on January 8, 2023  

You did really good with recovery battling that. I’m glad you had everything on hand. People are not gonna be up to that when it hits.

We had a power out last night in Sacramento as winds were howling but we have a good electric company that got us going in about a 1 1/2 which is the longest in sometime so must of been pretty bad. 
I heard popping from a distance before it went out. 
Then after that the internet went down and about a hour after that the cell phone went down too. Now that’s back on a little while ago. Then another storm might start tonight plus Monday and Tuesday much rain. Trees down all over. One town fields  covered with water. Many people on one road were stranded in the water in their cars or waded out. One older person car under water drowned. Don’t know what happened there. 
We’re gonna get storms one after another coming in until about the 17 th. 
Coastal areas getting surges from high waves up 20 ft high threatening homes and businesses.
Trees down everywhere caused a few killed including 2 yr old. In windy and heavy rain weather like that I don’t know why parents let baby’s or children sleep alone, especially if there’s trees too close to them. 
While watching the video from a guy who’s really good with detail and has been right on with everything he says will happen, I’m the would map showing storms coming in I wondered if Hawaii is getting affected too?
Though this guy I learned something about cyclones vs hurricanes. Cyclones are big!!! It covered the whole length of California!
So looks like gonna get more chili weather till at least the 17 th. Less more starts up after that.
Here’s a video of that weather guy. He’s the best I’ve ever seen. General news in comparison are less detailed and are more focused on east coast than our side.
Here’s a couple today he shows whole planet on these. Save his site.

goldielocks @ 4:08

Posted by Maya @ 17:56 on January 8, 2023  

Yeah the worst was the first day or two.  Ivermectin mopped it up well.  Just boring puttering around home, sitting out the quarantine.  Today was last dose and I feel fine.  Looking forward to a negative test tomorrow… we shall see.

Had to break out the wool blanket last night.  Got down to 59F, last night,  and still only 66F. here midday.   Anything below 70F. is ‘Hawaiian Freezing’ weather!  🙂

Sorry for your bad weather.  I would never survive winter on the mainland,  Just remember that when Calif, gets a ‘Pineapple Express’…. that us ‘pineapples’ got it first!

ipso facto @ 12:25

Posted by Maya @ 17:43 on January 8, 2023  

I dunno.  Looks to me like that fast Ferrari saucer ignored Rudolph’s red light and ran down some reindeer!  Even NORAD gives Santa the right-of-way on Christmas eve!

Hey… at least the cops got ONE illegal alien in cuffs!  🙂


A gift to all who are dabbling in any type of Derivative: Options. Futures, ETF’s. You’re gonna need it!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:47 on January 8, 2023  

Dog Butler Toilet Paper Holder holding his nose Statue bathroom fixture fun extra roll: Amazon ...


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:26 on January 8, 2023  


Not ideal! …………. I doubt this is widespread, not much bang for your buck-pound

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:41 on January 8, 2023  



Posted by silverngold @ 12:33 on January 8, 2023  

Better to have your PM’s in your pocket IMO!

Fed Confetti Party Will End Rudely & Abruptly – John Titus

Maya @ 0:59

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:25 on January 8, 2023  

Obviously Santa’s fault. Probably been at the eggnog!

silverngold @ 11:57

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:23 on January 8, 2023  

I couldn’t imagine selling in this area. We are just getting going. What have we been hanging out and taking it in the chops for the last 20 years for! Sure looks like our time …

Buygold @ 10:09

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:20 on January 8, 2023  

Good outlook.

I bought Impact in the distant past for as much as $1.50. Lightened up but still have some. Since they’re pretty much a break even operation here. (as I remember) they should fly when silver gets into gear. A 50% move in silver would mostly go to their bottom line.

PS Not really my favorite miner … but we’ll see.


Ipso facto@9:30…will silver play catchup again? It always has. Better get right and hang on tight! ETF and day traders are gonna lose here! IMO!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:57 on January 8, 2023  


Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 10:09 on January 8, 2023  

The charts definitely show silver as the laggard, the weird thing is that the 50 has already crossed the 200 on SLV and the RSI is only 57. I didn’t realize that the last time gold made its high above $2K, silver was only $3 higher than it is now. When SLV is done consolidating down here, it should have a nice move.

He’s right about the silver shares too. First Majestic was in the $14 area last March, seems it should get back there pretty easily. I like you’re Impact silver too. WPM was in the $50’s. SSRM was around $24. Room to run for all of them, and all are underperforming. It shouldn’t take much to get us back to the highs of last March.

HUI is probably ready for a pause pretty soon; I’d expect it either now or maybe up in the 260 area. If we can bust 260, I’d think a move up to March’s highs shouldn’t take long. We’re just now starting to see volume come into these shares.

That’s my sunny Sunday outlook. 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:30 on January 8, 2023  



Posted by goldielocks @ 4:08 on January 8, 2023  

How are you doing. Over the worst of it?
Update North Ca
We have a power out here Over 300k without power about in my area 1 1/2 hours ago. Heavy winds. Wouldn’t even be safe for them to try to fix it till winds die down. More trees down. This is expected for another week.
North coastal areas got surges of a mix of water and sand looked like mud went inland.

Christmas Eve – Roswell, NM

Posted by Maya @ 0:59 on January 8, 2023  


The Board Area – The Most Important Place in Your enterprise

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 8, 2023  

The aboard room is a crucial place for any company. It is where essential decisions are produced and improvements are applied.

A plank room is additionally a location for quick huddles and brainstorming instruction. In fact , it can be the most important place in your company.

Table rooms are often huge and stuffed with seats. Nevertheless , the size and structure of the boardroom will vary. This is because the board of directors is known as a team of people elected simply by shareholders Full Report to act on their behalf.

Some boards use a virtual boardroom, while others choose a more traditional environment. Although the amount of virtual conferences has increased during the past several years, many boards even now choose to maintain an real time meeting.

With respect to the size of the organisation, the frequency of meetings can differ. But they are essential to ensure that the corporation is operating effectively. They can be important in the advancement your company approach.

Boardrooms are often reserved for panel members just. These individuals are responsible for making certain the company has got the resources to execute well.

For the purpose of larger companies, the boardroom can be a dedicated location, while more compact organizations decide to rent an appropriate space. Depending on the company’s requirements, the boardroom could be located in the center belonging to the office flooring.

A panel room is known as a valuable program for corporations looking to boost their decision making competencies. Having the correct tools will ensure that superb ideas are brought to fruition.

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