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Ororeef 23:07

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:59 on January 3, 2023  

Yeah everywhere and hope it doesn’t run off into the water system.
They’re calling it the Pineapple Cyclone Bomb. Supposed to start tonight and by tomorrow risk of flash floods and falling trees and we already had some trees fall with this last one plus wind gusts 50-60 Mph. Drivers like to drive fast here so hope they slow down on FWYS with those wind gusts plus rain.

Btw It’s not supposed to go inland this time but south and all though Calif to LA.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:46 on January 3, 2023  

Good for you having that all on hand. If your just drinking water you might add a pinch of salt to that at least less your getting it from something else.
Looks like your sinuses might be draining out the virus. Mint mouth wash gargle or hit as you can take it gargle.
I didn’t have much of a problem with that but used liquid zinc drops.
There’s a homeopath that drys up the sinuses called hydrastis canadensis and works pretty fast.
Looks like your going to recover fast.
Your doing good.

Remember those liquid salt tabs the military gave out. Yuck

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:30 on January 3, 2023  

Tunnel the Alaska Gold


I got Covid

Posted by Maya @ 23:24 on January 3, 2023  

Well so much for social isolation. Had tree trimmer friend in a bucket truck here Friday to help beat back the jungle. Despite outdoors and social distances, he apparently gave me Covid. Monday I started with a headache that progressed thru the day to full body ache. Afternoon covid test shows positive. Out comes the preps.
[NOT medical advice! This is what I did for my personal self.]

Vitamin D 5000(morning) + another 5000 IU now
Selenium (morning) + another now
Quercetin (morning) + another now
Zinc 50mg (morning) + another now
Quinine extract = two droppers full
Ivermectin 24mg now, will do 12mg daily for 5 days
[Ivermectin.com availability]
Tylenol and Ibuprofen together for the aches

This was the worst night of my life. Body aches like the flu… times ten! Drinking water all night. Bloated, Vomit mucus. Low temp fever, only 99, but the chills and sweats every ten minutes. Fever finally broke @ 0230 and I took a shower at 0330. Now  posting in the wee hours I feel almost normal… like a dishrag all rung out, but no pain.
Five days of isolation at the ranch to look forward to. No problem.
At this point I will say Thank God for Ivermectin. Knocking the virus down early is key to better recovery, and the Ivermectin and protocol broke my fever in 12 hours.  I cannot imagine enduring that pain for another day… or however long.. if one does not have a good immune system.  I have inflamed nasal drip now, and post nasal drip in the throat with a mild cough.  Like a bad cold.

And on the bright side, I now have built natural immunity. No shot needed and works much better.

It looks like

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:07 on January 3, 2023  

God has his own way of Cleaning San Fran streets of feces and tent citys……

Re Gold And Silver, Its Time To Fight The Fed, They Can’t Get Away With The Past Ways Anymore, We Are Betting Against (or with) Banks And Governments Lately

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:40 on January 3, 2023  

I have been negative on Silver since 2008 and focused more on Gold which performed much better than Silver since then. HOWEVER, when I saw Bitcoin crashing, then the FTX implosion, I got very bullish on Silver since then. Reason being imo bitcoin fang stocks tech stocks even real estate etc and other easy stupid money receptacles losing popularity.

They were like a condom caught attracted excess easy money supply diverted popularity away from Silver. The “condom” protected Silver n Gold from getting fat and pregnant. I’m bullish on AU n AG and have several related miners, plus been having fun trading in n out of an AGQ position.

Alamos leading, CDE wanted to lift off too but something knocked it back in Nov.  Alamos Gold 52-week high today stock price at $10.35:

AG,CDE,HL,AGI,DRD | PerfCharts | Free Charts | StockCharts.com


Naturally Gold has to keep climbing and it probably will. The Fed would have to raise rates a lot higher (more chemo) to kill gold, and not likely, because higher rates would kill too many other things.

Go ahead knock our socks off!

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:50 on January 3, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:46 on January 3, 2023  

Even though we’ve given some back … nice to see the HUI up with the SM down

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on January 3, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:24 on January 3, 2023  

“To learn who rules over you find out who you are not allowed to criticize” or sue!

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:22 on January 3, 2023  

Virgin Islands AG Fired Three Days After Suing JPMorgan Over Jeffrey Epstein



Posted by Maddog @ 10:11 on January 3, 2023  

Morning….I saw the mkts reacting to weekend news from Ukraine, where Crazy Joe has upped the ante, by giving the Ukes those Himars, which have taken out a load of Russian troops…Gold bid, oil bid….then bam, SM goes bid and Dollar, while Oil and PM’s hit…on NO news ….

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:09 on January 3, 2023  

Thesis Gold Defines New Coincident Kilometre Scale Structural and Soil Anomalies


Labrador Gold Reviews Successful Year of Discovery at Kingsway


New Found Increases Queensway Drill Program to 500,000 Meters


Endurance Reports New Geochemical Anomaly on the Olympic Claims, Reliance Gold Project


Skeena Closes Sale of Royalty on Eskay Creek for C$27 Million


Zacatecas Reports Filing of Technical Report to Support High-Grade Oxide Gold Mineral Resource Estimate at the Esperanza Gold Project


Lithium and Gold Results from Joshua Gold Properties Warrant Additional Sampling


Nine Mile Metals Announces Certified Drill Results on Holes CL2208 & CL2211 on California Lake VMS Project






Pancon Identifies New Drill Targets at Flagship Brewer Gold & Copper Project in South Carolina


Arizona Metals Corp Provides Corporate and Exploration Updates


Morning Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 7:02 on January 3, 2023  

I’m surprised bonds are rallying pretty hard – 10 yr. down 11 bips, maybe that’s lending some support to the metals this am?

Or maybe it’s just our time to rally for a while?

Wellcome to 2023…sadly the scum are still with us……they hit the usual @ 7.45 am London time

Posted by Maddog @ 5:27 on January 3, 2023  

Dollar, having been unch all night, suddenly goes Bid, by over 1 %, along with SM, S&P rallies 50 pts, Oil is clobbered for near 2 bucks and of course PM’s are wacked …Gold down over 10 bucks.

This folks is what is known as a monetary policy in 2023, just like in politics, all they can do is cheat.

Day One, 2023

Posted by Buygold @ 5:17 on January 3, 2023  

It’s early but looks like most everything wants to rally this am., although I’m not sure about bonds.

Surprisingly pm’s are up with the USD, which is up near 1%. Not sure whether that will last if the dollar holds it strength. Big roadblock at $1850 was soundly rejected earlier.

Have to wait and see how the shares look in premarket. So far, so good.

Antivirus Software – Free Or perhaps Paid?

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 3, 2023  

Antivirus software is essential for ensuring that your computer is safe from on the net threats. This may also protect important computer data from scam attacks and malware.

Many people think they need to purchase anti virus software, although there are cost-free versions that provide the same safety. Free anti virus programs are usually less costly than paid out ones, plus they don’t have several downsides.

A lot of of the biggest anti virus companies give free security software. Kaspersky Cost-free, for instance, is praised by security specialists. But if you are contemplating something a little more robust, consider paid variations.

Paid anti virus programs are inclined to offer other gaming features, and they’re generally better. Features like password management, VPN access, and real-time cover are just a some of the add-ons.

A very important factor to keep in mind is the fact you should always examine the license contract. If you don’t the actual terms of the certificate, you could get in to trouble. For example , if you make an effort to download a paid variant of the software and then do away with that, you may have to afford the damage visit homepage caused.

Additionally there are some advantages to using no cost antivirus application. Most of these applications will immediately change all the apps on your system. This will save time. And, if you’re aiming to run a video game, the software can mutes pop-ups and minimizes system place.

The major antivirus security software companies will frequently update the libraries, and improve their reliability packages continuously. This way, you will absolutely assured that your antivirus program is usually up-to-date.

Avast Software Assessment

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 3, 2023  

Avast Software is an American-German enterprise that provides computer system security computer software how to open nvidia control panel on windows to consumers and businesses. You can actually products incorporate antivirus, endpoint protection, fire wall, email and password supervisor, and more. It operates in the, France, Germany, and other countries.

The company is best known for its no cost antivirus computer software, but it contains a selection of paid goods as well. This includes Avast One particular, which blends with computer systems, Android mobile devices, and Apple mobile products.

When users have a problem with all their security program, Avast contains a ticketing system for support. Support can be bought 24 hours a day.

Avast offers a 30 day refund. Clients can up grade to a heightened version in the software. They will also obtain remote assistance. However , in the event that they like to pay for the program, they can exploit features such as parent controls.

Some other useful feature of the software is the sandboxing technology. This permits the program to isolate new files. Some of these files could possibly be harmful to the privacy.

Avast also has a great anti-theft characteristic. It can instantly generate strong passwords for everyone. If you lose your device, you can use the password to unlock that.

Another valuable feature is definitely the email cover. This defends users from mailing malware to others. For example , if the user receives an email featuring a malicious file, the email will be sought and marked with the “Avast: Suspicious” label.

Overall, the free of charge version of Avast gives adequate safety. Users can pick to rule out certain folders and websites from getting scanned, and can even put custom understand types.

Why Most Consulting Firms Experience Turned to Package Rooms

Posted by Auandag @ 0:00 on January 3, 2023  

Consulting firms happen to be facing industry disruption. The consulting sector must shift itself in the new technology-powered economic paradigm. And consultants can enjoy an important function in helping clients adapt. But the consulting industry’s data room price long term future will be more uncertain than ever.

Talking to firms definitely will face one of the most violent ten years however. In the current environment, customers are stressful greater speed, responsiveness, and control over their organizations. Individuals features are being pursued by a growing number of experts and start-ups.

In the past a decade, consulting businesses have lost significance with business leaders. Nevertheless the industry’s key business can be continue to performing very well. Consultants provides innovative ideas and experience-based perspectives, but external factors can impact their tips.

Some firms are taking advantage of digital platforms to build more effective client relationships. For example , McKinsey Solutions is mostly a set of technology-based tools and ongoing involvement that goes other than the traditional project-based model. These kinds of software-based alternatives include job management, product sales pipelines, and automated tasks.

McKinsey & Company created a series of business model innovations in 2007. McKinsey Solutions is a first time a consultancy contains unbundled its offerings.

Companies like McKinsey have become very dependent on the globalized business environment. A lot with their work is definitely outsourced to showcase research corporations. This has reduced the scope of the work that can be outsourced to consultancies.

Similarly, many start-ups are checking out predictive technology. These start-ups are rapidly growing and offer a range of solutions, including big data stats.

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