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goldielocks @ 21:05… Since you wanted to be banned, I’ll be happy to accommodate you!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:28 on January 12, 2023  

I Silverngold, by the power that I never had and don’t want,  hereby BAN you, Goldielocks, from EVER leaving the GoldTentOasis, either as a poster or as a reader/follower.

Now that we have those silly notions settled, lets get back to some more serious posting! Okay???? PLEASE???? All The Best From Silverngold!

PS: Forgot to mention that this is a LIFE SENTENCE! ;o)

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:24 on January 12, 2023  

Cool the Engines


A little thin but interesting

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:27 on January 12, 2023  

I can’t answer to it Metalsguy

Posted by eeos @ 22:26 on January 12, 2023  

I’m far from a scientist, but I do think the evidence is there. It can’t be concealed forever. Covid is a weird one and I think the Chinese made it and let it escape from a lab because they’re a bunch of sloppy hacks that love to emulate the west. Great at stealing our technological prowess around the world. I’m not certain they can think on their own, they’re master replicators. I also can’t speak to the millions of doctors and scientists, but I think if the truth is still concealed, it will emerge eventually. I still believe in science. Who’s science others will ask. I don’t listen to the news, we can’t any longer. The billionaires own the airwaves. I do my own research and formulate my own opinions. My bro always tells me, just the facts, please. Leave the emotions at the door, I think this is sage advice.

Let’s not take my words out of context. I was talking about NASA’s 18,000 employees and Space X’s 12,000 employees. I also used to believe the moon landings were faked by Kubrick. I no longer believe this because my whole business is built around high-power supercomputers and state-of-the-art GPU’s made by NVIDIA. NVIDIA has essentially proven with great data and researchable facts that the moonlighting couldn’t have been faked. Supercomputing, ray tracing, and photon mapping show the images are most likely real.

I also had doubts concerning the Van Allen belt and how could it have been possible for astronauts to have passed through them 12 times in the 6 trips to the moon. I have no idea how this was done and if it were sheer luck that they made it through them without death. I saw the moon lander replica at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and it looked like a piece of junk to me. It might have been great luck that it worked. I think the Nazi V-2 rocket engineers that NASA brought over to America were damn smart cookies. They invented the rocket and the backbone of most space-related discoveries IMHO.

9/11 for example, there are a lot of questions I still have concerning directed energy weaponry and what went on that day. Judy Woods covered a lot of amazing information that has been shunned by the world. I can’t get my mind around it. One of my favorite sayings. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

UFO’s for example. Let’s get our minds around this one. I think it’s comical that humans believe aliens look a certain way. It’s almost always a human-based ideology. I think that if aliens exist they probably operate on a level of consciousness that is undetectable by humans. Have you ever seen flying squiggles or other strangle anomalies caught on camera? They’re pretty darn cool looking. I’d much rather side with the idea that it’s not a spacecraft or a human-inspired being. That’s man’s stupidity to think that it’s on a level that’s human-inspired.

Pilots are reputable witnesses

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:23 on January 12, 2023  

New UFO report shows hundreds more incidents than previously thought



Posted by ipso facto @ 22:21 on January 12, 2023  

We appreciate your writing and would rather you stayed. Think about it overnight at least.



Posted by MetalsGuy @ 21:43 on January 12, 2023  

“There’s no way 20,000 scientists and engineers could conceal a lie collectively.”
Well, Many doctors, nurses, scientists, health agencies, legacy news, and politicians managed to collectively conceal a lie until most of the Western population was injected with a dangerous experimental gene therapy.

I highly doubt Ipso or anyone else would block you

Posted by eeos @ 21:22 on January 12, 2023  

In the spirit of Wanka John he tolerated a lot and he had fun on this site. He tolerated me for a long time. He was a fun guy. But talking about aliens and UFO’s is too far out there for me. This is the digital age and people have phones and cameras. If they existed, they would get leaked to the public. It’d be completely impossible to conceal this stuff. Same with fringe issues like chemtrails, someone would sneak a picture of a plane with the apparatuses and it’d be over. There’s no way a group could hide it. Same with fake moon landings, flat earther stuff. Most likely not true. There’s no way Space X is faking footage let’s say. It’s not animated or faked. There’s no way 20,000 scientists and engineers could conceal a lie collectively. As we can see, people can now generate any image in mere seconds. So images don’t matter anymore. What we saw tonight was AI that I generated in seconds. We’ve entered a brave new world of fakes. So beware. That’s all I’m suggesting. So now people will say, well Space X is surely just hosting AI animations and nothing is real eeos. Maybe. Maybe we’re all living in a hologram, in a computer, everything is a mirage. I don’t have the answers. But I try to keep an open mind, but we also need to filter labeled conspiracies too. I do think conspiracies exist on some levels, and not others.It’s complicated.

Oh well since that wasn’t good enough to get me blocked

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:05 on January 12, 2023  

Mahalo Maya and SNG Ipso and Buygold.
Maybe there’s another nurse who hasn’t felt they had enough punishment yet.” That was a nurses joke eeos.”


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:56 on January 12, 2023  

That would figure your entitlement issues. Don’t get me wrong your a funny guy in a sad sort of way. You and a mixture of things on the side lines are helping me decide to leave which a few friends have been hounding me about because this site is really no benefit to me and some people aren’t exactly who they say they are. So say I’m pushing it for my own reason.

oh miss goldilocks

Posted by eeos @ 20:48 on January 12, 2023  

take a chill pill, I’m just having fun. I’m a professional illustrator. My brother draws most of the charts I follow.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:22 on January 12, 2023  

On your charts or somebody else’s since you are so entitled and all.

my business motto is

Posted by eeos @ 20:19 on January 12, 2023  

Seeing is believing, and I’ve made alot of money from it

Pictures can be worth a thousand words.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:15 on January 12, 2023  

What makes one late.

You need to lighten up and laugh more

Posted by eeos @ 19:46 on January 12, 2023  

I still don’t believe hardly a word you say and you type a lot of them. For you miss. enjoy


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:44 on January 12, 2023  

Don’t forget your crayons.

I guess I’m not wanted here tonight, so I’ll have to space out

Posted by eeos @ 19:35 on January 12, 2023  

The door to heaven just opened, gotta go …. pfft

I just want to trade, so throw some charts up smartie pants


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:31 on January 12, 2023  

Yeah sure, you know the difference between ideas and the messenger. I’ve see you ideas. They always come after the fact. Could of would a shoulda. So go back in your safe space.

It’s not me doing drugs miss

Posted by eeos @ 19:26 on January 12, 2023  

you guys are the ones with a bunch of crackpot ideas, I’m just the messenger.

I only drink microbrews these days. I prefer Avery Brewing Co.

Looks like somebody had too many brewskis again.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:25 on January 12, 2023  

RIP Jeff Beck

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:16 on January 12, 2023  

Well you know God gave me a secret decoder ring, so I can do it when I snap my fingers

Posted by eeos @ 19:14 on January 12, 2023  

This is for you

I named him beezlebub


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:13 on January 12, 2023  

He’s shown improvement last few weeks. He couldn’t even eat at first she made him shakes and knows all the different supplements.
Some things were almost funny like calling her then telling her she’s not answering and she goes in to see him holding the phone upside down. I feel for them both. She multitasking her job, live stock, things needing fixed that he usually fixed and taking care of him. I think it was the neurotoxic antibiotics mixed with few other things I have no idea why they gave him that. I’m holding back a bit of anger about this because it won’t help her right now. In other words I would of stoped that medicine and probably been on a few cases. I’m going to be though through her and just pray he starts to recover but needs attention. The fact there just treating him like nothings wrong here.

eeos…Congratulations! How long does it take to hatch a cricket?

Posted by silverngold @ 19:07 on January 12, 2023  

goldielocks @ 17:11…I know! And what a waste of this great over-achiever. :o(

Posted by silverngold @ 18:56 on January 12, 2023  
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