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Posted by Farmboy @ 11:42 on August 30, 2014  

I picked up a newspaper at the Silver Dollar Café this morning and read a short article about the shooting. Came off the AP wire.

Sounded to me that this was one of those shooting ranges that are marketing to the folks who want to go out and shoot a ‘machine gun’ for fun and entertainment. I heard about these places opening up a few years back and thought then that this will not turn out well.


According to the article Japanese are big on this type of ‘shooting’ experience. Folks are having their ‘bachelor parties’ shooting full auto weapons. One place even advertises ‘Shot gun’ weddings. Yep, bring your wedding here and the bride and groom along with the guests can spend your wedding day shooting up paper targets.


I think you are also right this was more the idea of the parents than that child. The more I read/hear about this you can bet the anti gun folks are going to latch on to this story and these type of shooting ranges. And I hate to say this, but since common sense is overruled by the chance to make a buck, I think some laws should be put in place to protect the stupid. You have to be 16 to drive, 18 to buy a beer, but its ok to some to let a child ( with parents permission no less) walk in off the street and be handed a fully automatic weapon. Duh???


I understand the wanting to shoot full auto, and run home to tell all your friends what you did over summer. But I wonder, what was their plans for next weekend? Gator wrestling in the swamps ?


Laws will never replace common sense, but this will only lead to more tragedy if something is not done. imho.



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