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Nine year old shoots instructor is pure BS. This is definitely another false flag

Posted by silverngold @ 22:34 on August 29, 2014  

At risk of again being banned or chastised for being an uncaring person who has no compassion for the poor people involved in this “tragedy”, I submit the following. IMO it is pure BS, and here’s why.

Play the clip through until the instructor asks her to give him one shot. Notice the sand kick up behind the target. Now he places the weapon on automatic and she fires, losing control of the weapon. What you need to do is to stop (pause) the clip immediately when she begins the automatic fire. Notice the weapon does NOT go over her head as they say but swings directly to the left. If you were able to stop the clip before it ends you will see ONE more shot hitting the sand but you can hear about 4-5 more shots fired as the weapon swings to the left. Where are the other shots that should be leaving their trail kicking up sand in that sandpit??  There are NONE!! So this is how I believe they set this false flag up. The weapon was loaded with blanks except for the first two rounds. She fired the first; then she fired the second and several more as she lost control of the weapon, but only ONE shot is visible in pit where there should have been a distinct trail of those several last rounds leaving their trail just as the first round did.

No doubt in my mind this is another gun confiscation ploy to gain public sympathy!! Silverngold


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.