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DR’s simply don’t spend enough time with their patients to really get to know whats going on!

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:13 on August 29, 2014  

They depend too much on blood tests .Two months ago Doc said my Potassium was too high come back next month for another blood test.I normally have a very low Salt diet..After some research I realized thats the problem.Its a very delicate balance between salt and Potassium.I started adding a little more salt to my diet and next visit Potassium was normal.!I went back to my usuall low salt intake and the same thing happened.

I have never had a Doctor tell me to increase my Salt intake ! Clearly its a problem for me.! I eat no processed foods ,no chips,etc.Blood pressure is 120/80 and lower  age 76 ! I could have had a Heart attack from NOT enough salt ! Its all back in balance now that I know what the problem was .Doc was NO help at all…He never said one word about increase Salt intake a little! I had a problem 40 years ago that I recently remembered.I was working in a very hot enviornment and was getting dizzy spells.Drs.ccouldent find the problem until one of my employees who worked in the Pressing Dept told Me ..I know what your problem is !Really what is it? She said here take one of these..Whats that I said ..She said its a Salt Pill..I took one and didn’t have the problem again.I recently remembered the incident and said to my self “You did it again !…Try the Salt ! and sure enough Potassium went back to normal ,no light headed ness.Strange enough I also got an increase in hair growth on my legs ! I suspect my testosterone increased .Never needed Viagra and sure don’t need it now ! Amazing what a little salt can do !

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