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Coffee Time ……. Mr Copper 19:18 Medical Contraction and Shout Out to Alex Colville

Posted by winedoc @ 6:42 on August 29, 2014  

Well,  I see the Canadian system which is still universally free for all bumping up against  the ceiling of  non sustainability.  The last 10-15 yrs there has been an explosion of all inclusive services and a ramp up of accessibility to any test, specialist, mri etc.  Sure, we still have wait lists,  but the waiting rooms and hospitals are packed full.  Sure,  since its “free” some people over utilize and the Govy is working on expensive workarounds.  I think over that 10-15 yr period our system has been somewhat Americanized in style of practice,  with increased patient expectations and litigation creeping in.  We are already taxed very heavily to support our health care system as it is.

I hear horror stories from my patients that travel to the US with inadequate or no insurance.

On contraction,  its coming ……  This path is not sustainable for Canadians and I don’t think Govy will raise the taxes, I think cuts are coming.  Canadian doctors went through a clawback in the early 1990’s and had to give money back and endure  a pay cut,  there was an exodus to the US then and I nearly went to Upstate NY.  The grass wasn’t greener however.   Doctors Nova Scotia are negotiating our next 5 yr contract.  We are being told  to expect a poor outcome on negotiations.  I make $31  dollars a visit and see 30-35 patients a day and pay all my own overhead.  Do the math and you will see that extra cash for car parts is getting harder and harder to come by with rent, secretarial wages, heat and insurances all going up.  I will be expecting flat to 1% a year  on our next contract with some slashing of other benefits outside of the office visit such as insurance, computer and medical education support.  Of course it could be worse.  A two tier system with private pay will not be seen in my career.  I have at least 10 yrs left to practice and I wish I was closer to the exit door as some of my best friends and colleages are.  Unfortunately,  for the most part they are having to work into their mid to late 60’s to support any kind of decent retirement.  Besides work, they have positioned themselves heavily in equities, desperately  trying to chase yield and build back their Portfolios to pre crash levels.  Non of my colleagues own gold except one.  Its working retirement baby and its all happened in a very short period of time.  Government and some greedy doctors has let this thing get out of control,  the horse is out of the barn.  The new doctors coming in are mostly female, mostly salary and working part to full time,  so there are too many doing less work.  The old fee for service model guys like me are going to pasture soon.  Still, I love medicine and with no regrets.   I care deeply for my all my patients  and work really hard to meet their needs.  Is been a most rewarding career choice for me.

So Mr Copper,  on contraction,  I’m in the camp that says tears and gnashing of teeth is on the way,  and I’m trying to prepare and protect myself.  If it gets ugly, will just pack up Mrs Winedoc and live with what I’ve saved out on the seaside.

I’m still here almost everyday, friends




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