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Floridagold, I Been Thinking About What You Said…About ‘patching’ Things Up…

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:49 on August 28, 2014  

with the “lovely and talented” ole whats her name.  I truly am pondering over it, quite a bit since you mentioned it the first time several months ago. Lord knows I have tried on several occasions. She is a tough one to make up to. But I’m working on it. Course that would mean I would have to say something like, ” Augal, I was wrong.” Which just goes against every fiber and cell in the male body to have to admit to such. Not that I cant change, but we are talking millions of years of the male genes to overcome.  And then I guess I would have to ask, ” Please forgive me.” Will, I guess I really wouldn’t have to actually say ‘Please’. But since I have to ask her to forgive me ( when it was all her fault anyways ) might as well be polite about it. So I think you are beginning to understand my dilemma . And then there is who is going to replace her as tormentor and evil one in my life. You just cant expect me to go around handing out flowers to everyone. There has to be someone I can pick on from time to time. Pretty sure that is some kind of Universal Law or something.


But hey, I just had an idea…….. !!


Go Dawgs



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.