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Posted by Farmboy @ 22:40 on August 26, 2014  

Must have read hundreds of similar articles over the past ten years. Articles written by folks much smarter than I. Those with the ‘know’ and experience.  And I have scratched this old bald head many a time wondering why people still keep trusting the folks on Wall St to look after their ‘best interest’ ? When the only interest is how to fleece as much from the common folk as they can. Kinda sounds like a Gubberment don’t it?


” Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”. Why anyone believes in the ‘markets’, trust in the market, is a stretch of my imagination no doubt. But oh how the stories abound. Someone made millions here. Buffet made billions there. But for the most part, the majority wont come near to doing that in the markets. Reminds me of the old joke about how to make a million dollars in the wine business? Start with two million. Although I do know a man who has his own vineyard and winery and doing quite well these days up in the Carolina’s no less. Guess there are exceptions to every rule. But on average, whatever that might be. I once was told to put one foot in a bucket of ice water, and the other foot in a campfire, and I too could experience, average. Just never sounded like anything I wanted to try or be.


No, I am pretty sure, at least for self, that the mystery of the markets, and even knowing they are manipulated is the story as old as mankind. Like the moth attracted to the flame.  folks are gonna seek comfort and warmth from the idea of ‘saving’ money in the markets. After all, it worked for Grandpappy all those years. Have one financial Guru on the radio that still believes the bewt thing to do with your extra dollars is to put them into the markets. Now I just aint that smart. God Bless those who can read the charts, listen to CNBC, and make a fortune. I aint one of them. Admire them, but recognize it aint for me. I am more the old fashioned type and willing to open an oil change store,  a butcher shop, or a coffee shop. Something that I can trade a tangible thing for a few greenbacks. But I must honestly admit, there is still something that draws me to the ‘easy’ money of doing nothing. Must be that lazy streak in me.


And then there is how will I spend (invet) the hours of my day? Guess I can chase the Almighty dollar, and the fame an fortune it may bring. But as I grow older, I find what gives me the greatest pleasure, is volunteering down at the Food Pantry on Saturdays, carrying out groceries to those that the markets have failed.  Those that didn’t have the insider information, or Direct Feeds. Figure I just get to pass through this thing called Life but once. And there is something to be said about, “It was not just about me.”  Lord knows I hope to be rich someday. And I would like to think I would help others someday. But someday rolls around every Saturday morning around these parts. And  I get to carry some groceries for a few folks that don’t have any. Kinda cracks me up to take a few bags of food and load them into a Jaguar, or Cadillac Escalade. But I aint here to judge folks, its above my ‘pay grade’. Just happy to be of help to those that say they are in need. And let me tell you, the numbers of those in need keep growing every week. Maybe if they listened to CNBC they would be better off?


Well, that is a few of my thoughts on the markets. They have about as much ‘transparency’ and honesty as the current administration on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But yet, I still flock to the flame like a moth. Hope is eternal, and surely, those folks on Fall St know better than I.  But I cant help but wonder, what if those folks had held some of their wealth in their own hands ? Would I need to carry their groceries for the week out to their car? Life, it is still all a mystery to me.


wealth in hand

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