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Posted by grin @ 19:42 on August 26, 2014  

“so hurtful does this give you a sense of adulthood ?”

No it just underscores how you may be at times demeaning or lumping others into the same group of which you may not understand just for the sake of stomping in the room . I just throw one back at you for fun.

“grin you have had a chip on your shoulder for years over a post that was taken out of context.. I have always enjoyed your posts and TA work..

Nope no chip and I dont even remember what post you are talking about. Honestly I like your wit, style,and humor just dont paint all chartists, Jews, african americans, native americans or any other good folk with the same brush. Some are good and some are bad. Will be for ever and a day.

Who’s mountain?

Ad nausea, I think maybe 52% of chartists might get a correct call for tomorrow based on short term charts.. for thursday that may drop to 51 and friday   likely 50.  But going to the longer time frames I think that rate of success increases for the well studied if they act.

Likely the observations are far better successes than the actions because the follow through required for well studied analysis is dependent on more than critical thinking. One must convict to their analysis and emotions and only look at price.

Case in point, I have done about 65% in a small account for etfs since Jan of this yr. But if I could have taken emotion out of the equation the number would have been far higher, likely in the hundreds….


My only hope is that we all do well in this terribly maligned sector, the past 10 yrs have been far too much for the average person that saw the writing on the wall jmho.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.