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Here’s the problem with people like Ment

Posted by sbr @ 16:11 on August 25, 2014  

See Ment is miserable. Everything else falls into place once you grasp that reality. A great trader once told me that everyone gets what they want. Some people trade because they want to lose and evoke sympathy, some want to show the world how smart they are because they bought Tesla or in Ment’s case gold at $250 or whatever.

How many of you actually know people that trade for a living and that is all they do? How many? I know plenty and no they are not the buy and hold types. They trade thousands of contracts a day and they are rich. So the HUI went from 40 to 600. Who cares? You like beer what has Sam Adams done the past few years? Ford Motor? Priceline? Tesla?

Only geniuses invest in gold right? Or gold juniors? Yet, how many here even have a clue why juniors have no value? It’s the contango. Go look it up and you will understand why junior miners get funded when contango is steep.


As for the bullshit Ment spews about TA, it is just that and it is pathetic. See ment doesn’t dare try and figure out the math associated with TA because it would blow a hole in his pysche. Thomas Bulkowski has done all the math at his website for you. Oh and by the way he is rich too.

So, you can all cowtow the misery the resident clown spits out or you can try and figure out your mistakes, why they happened and learn from them.

Oh and if the jackass that he is posts here, I will not.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.