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Buygold @ 15:09 on August 25, 2014 Now If That Aint The Sorriest Excuse For A Post..

Posted by Farmboy @ 22:31 on August 25, 2014  

“She took the high ground….”.


Ya know ole sandswimmer. once she demoted me to a lily pad on a pond, about the only ‘ High ground’ she could take was along the river bank. It aint exactly Mt. Everest you know. But thanks for backing a fellow frog. (snicker) what ? you scared the one whose name is not to be mentioned might zap you into Perdition? Well, Macroman and me are doing just fine. Shame you cant join us on some summer evening when MM cranks up the music box.


Hmmm….never figured you for a sissy. Or to be buttering up ole whats her name biscuits.  AND offering her a few more rolls of Frog Tape at that ! Well I will double your offer if she will Zap you into the pond. You have come close enough a few times.


Lord, show that boy the way ! amen

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.