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Auandag @ 10:59 on August 24, 2014

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:22 on August 25, 2014  

$265 billion for Medicaid (all gift, no taxes paid.)
$9.3 billion more for SCHIP (same thing, for kids)
$17 billion for TANF
$108 billion in food handouts
$3.5 billion for heat welfare
$5 billion to babysit someone else’s kid
$18 billion for rent
$9 billion more for “project based” rent
$6.1 billion to buy housing that is then given away
$10 billion more for various “opportunity” and “development” funds (for housing)
$5 billion to “train” people to work
$57 billion for EITC (paying people not to work as hard as they could, beyond tax liability)
$21 billion more for child tax credits (refundable, that is, beyond tax liability as well)
$140 billion (net of tax) in handouts (including admin costs) for disabled people (not based on their FICA payments previously)

Normally a country imports things it can’t produce itself, or can’t produce enough of what they need, like Japan importing Oil for example.

I knew back in the late 1970s that the USA would be a far less prosperous nation in the future. We are now in that future, and the above costs are directly related to Americans GLEEFULLY buying imports.

The USA should (or any other nation) should not be importing what they CAN PRODUCE LOCALLy. All nations would be better off…..And all big global multi national corporations would be worse off.

All big global multi national corporations “pulled a fast one” decades ago fooling politicians, by promoting efficiency and increased productivity, which means they arbitraged labor and taxes.

They also fooled the global welfare activists by telling them the poor countries would get work, that is supposed to be somewhere else.

Remember that stunt?? We live 5 houses from a school, and by kids were bussed 2 miles north to a minority neighborhood school, and the minorities were bussed down to my local school.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.