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a big fat question

Posted by ment17 @ 15:07 on August 25, 2014  

what I am wondering is all the TA chart guys keep posting their charts as proof  of the moves in the market and their unusual so sure of them selves certainty ..

but how many of these guys got the bottom in hui at 40 or so and the gold move .. and where were they on the stock market rise in the dot com bubble

lets hear it from them and their stock charts from that period how the charts were pointing for a huge fall..

or were they indicative of further strength in the tech bubble

they should have just cleaned up ..but I think they were just as fooled by the market as the many that lost so much ..

but we hear no word of their skin in the game .. and are they part of the 5% that can trade the market for a good living ? or do they just fondle the pay model.. selling subscriptions

as I read the tent stuff ..and I am pointing to the other tent that post charts  all these 10 or so market readers of stocks are  making a statement about this market .

and are so sure of them selves .. me I think the market could change direction and fool the bejesses out of these wonderful new stock readers .. the wave of stock charts mania ..

and the memorized indicators of the market ….which the computers are all ready programed to reacted at these price points by huge bank and government involvement .. and the front running the market for pennies millions of times a week … trades

yes the gold market has gone bazarre the last three years .. and they (many on the tent chart )claim no manipulation even though so many fixes are being exposed and the giant manipulation of many markets …

but the 10 are making their market as a certainty … it seems … egg is a difficult thing to remove in the advent of something changes over night or over a week or so in the gold buying rush


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