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More Matrix. Might have to cut and paste charts

Posted by AspenGold @ 8:37 on August 22, 2014  

$YEN Radar watch
-> Posted by Matrix @ 21:51 pm on August 21, 2014 No Comments
Here are some links worth the read, “IF” $Yen is to continue its devaluation Gold will trade below $1000…unless WW3 unfolds first, well who knows where Golds low will be as we look up from watching the indicators on $Yens chart….


This is how a much, much lower $Yen could unfold….AND a much higher US equity index, like the S&P500…@…3000 as Armstrong suggests….=Big Money flows


LIQUIDITY is the #1 risk for big money, all those calling for the US$ to collapse, well I can tell you from within the FX markets Mr US$ is all about parking liquidity. A much lower Euro$ along with the continued weakness in the SF and another big move lower for $Yen and unless the big players become GoldBugs overlooking the lack of liquidity in the gold market Gold will trade lower…that’s not an opinion, that’s what the big boyz have painted on the charts recently so its all about price, not opinion!

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