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@Wanka – Duh, I’m confused

Posted by drb2 @ 12:11 on August 20, 2014  

the past few posts have left me more dazed and confused than usual.

I thought the Tent-a-Thon was cancelled (see post below)

Do I send a check, or not?


drb — i thank you kindly but

Posted by WANKA @ 0:10 on August 15, 2014 -edit-

we just had in a short 5 hours a tent-a-thon that wasn’t a tent-a-thon but was a tent-a-thon even though it wasn’t a tent-a-thon that i was going to have come saturday starting at high noon but then there was this onslaught of pre-tent-a-thon pledges that in the brief time of these 5 short hours simply filled all the positions open and completed a tent-a-thon that wasn’t. we made history in the book of world records completing a tent-a-thon for our setup costs without a tent-a-thon and now having to cancell the saturday tent-a-thon for the overwhelming support of pre-tent-a-thon pledges. i have in all these years never even heard of a tent-a-thon that was cancelled due to an abundance of support before it began. so in making a short story as long as possible i really thank you for your intent but if you send the 1/2c-note i’ll only go and drink it up since i’m now unemployed with a cancelled tent-a-thon due to the success of not having one. whew i’m glad that makes sense to somebody!

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