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Floridagold @ 8:52 Corn

Posted by silverngold @ 9:39 on August 18, 2014  

I’m no expert but I think the last paragraph of the article tells the tale. Almost all corn in the US is now contaminated with GMO strains which are proving to be harmful to whatever eats them. There are many reports from farmers, especially pigs and cattle, that have identified GMO corn as the reason for their animals aborting their fetus’ or delivering an empty birth sack or not getting pregnant at all or failure to thrive. Another I read of a plantation in Africa where after using GMO corn one year, which was the mainstay of the diet of their employees, many employees began getting sick and several died. The following year they went back to their old non GMO corn variety and the health problem disappeared. Russia has also boycotted US and Canadian GMO crops and many countries around the world will not allow GMO’s to be grown, imported, or consumed.

All this and the US continues down the GMO path. Hard to believe its leaders are so stupid or uncaring or greedy they would not only allow this but actually fight FOR it!!

And here’s a “funny” aside. Monsanto, who is primarily responsible for GMO’s, does not allow any GMO foods to be served to their employees in their cafeteria. Is that an eye opener or what??

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