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Would you dine at a restaurant named, The Fractile?

Posted by Floater @ 8:22 on August 14, 2014  

As if The Rockaways hadn’t suffered enough from Sandy and her tsunami, last week brought word that ex-Cong. Anthony Weiner (D) plans to open a restaurant on the peninsula. I’m only guessing at the name, of course, but what is really scary is that right behind Anthony will be Huma, and right behind her will be . . . .Hill & Bill! Yikes.

Would be a great time for a Wounded Warrior to open a restaurant here in direct and blatant competition with The Fractile. The last thing we need here is pols telling us how much they saved us after the storm. They were no-shows except for photo-ops, and all the money spent to rebuild govt property—the boardwalk—was from the taxpayers.

On the morning of Sandy I had fed the 15 cats that lived under the boardwalk with Cedric, a homeless vet, who did custodial jobs in bars and restaurants here after they closed. I never seen him again and all the cats were washed away in the big surge. Never knew what happened to Cedric until last week when he showed up, spotting me when I was feeding the two females who survived the surge (and who now have 6 kitties from two litters since the storm). Had a great reunion with Cedric, who tells me the VA got him section 8 housing, but he’s looking to get another condo under the boardwalk when possible. He tells me that as the water rose during the surge he was under the boards where all the cats had climbed up on cross beams, and were huddled together yowling and scared. Finally the big one rolled in, a wave higher than the height of the boardwalk, and Cedric had to run for his life, getting swamped in the process. The cats had no chance, and were swept away in the surge when the wave went across the peninsula to meet Jamaica Bay. In my building the entire ground floor had ocean that was five foot deep. It was a big lift for me to see that Cedric survived, and still wants more cats to feed.

The bacteria I picked up in my bloodstream afterwards now appears cured. Have not had a triple-digit temp since July 6. Started taking 3-4000 mg of Vitamin C daily in June and think it was a great help after I ran out of anti-biotics. Too old for this stuff.

Once again the miners and gold are at a key juncture with conflicting signals as to up or down. Must be up; can we stand another autumn failure? Yuch!

The world is all an op. They created all disasters to exploit them, and us. It’s all pointing to false flags designed for emergency situation that will let them cancel election.

Regards to all from Floater.

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