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Posted by goldielocks @ 2:51 on August 14, 2014  

Judaism Hindu Sik Buddhism Shinto Taoism Confuses Christianity on and on. The only religion he is defending is Muslim.
If he wants to aide a holy war for the Muslims he might find out it’s gonna be bigger than just attacking Christians.
Try telling the Japanese that Buddha offends them or the Hindus.
It’s bias propaganda toward Islam the” least ” oldest religion and we do not see him preaching to Islam religious tolerance to Christianity or any other religion for that matter. It’s always bias toward Muslims.
Further more different countries has one or two predominant or popular religion and in America it’s Christian have we had no religious based battles due to our tolerance that I’m aware of beside them coming here attacking us.

We are one of the evolved countries that has religious tolerance he’s preaching to the wrong choir and better look at the constitution he ignores.
Each country has predominant religions and here it’s Christian so instead if teaching them tolerance he is submitting to their intolerance with words like Christians offend them.Thats where the offense lies in their own hatred and intolerance so Obama get your story straight.
So why is he defending their intolerance in a country predominantly Christian?
Well if it quakes like a duck, walks like a duck ? He must think of himself as a messiah alright a messiah of Islam.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.