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IPSO ,Finally Moral Conviction !

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:48 on August 13, 2014  

If anybody wonders where the POPES Army is     …It was the POPE ,RONALD REAGAN,and Margaret THatcher that brought down the Communists in Russia .

Now the POPE sees a threat to Christians in mid East and elsewhere ,he’s had enough ,He will again marshall his Army to stop Radical Muslims and identify who is supporting them with money ! If necessary another Crusade may be necessary  .Finally leadership with Moral conviction !  It’s no secret that Saudi money is behind 911 and the current radicals for whatever reason they need to be exposed .It could be they are threatened with radicalizing Saudia Arabia itself ,but in any case the Saudi’s need to make a decision the POPE is forcing their hand.The Pandering politicians need to grow a pair.History does repeat itself and the POPE knows it.! The POPES army is guess where ?

The POPE  will supply the MORAL conviction to stop another European Caliphate ..all Europe is at risk,no more Ottoman Empires .! THe Church also  plans long term,just like the Chinese.

Now if we could get a Christian President ,and some Christians on the Fed  we could realy get workable representation and the Rule of Law back in America.!

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