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Posted by silverngold @ 1:04 on August 10, 2014  

I agree, gatta be in it to win it. I’ve had that chart for quite awhile now. Added the pink rectangle and pitchfork when we bottomed at 18.17. Also went 100% into into Sentry Select fund shares at that time and been kinda frustrated  waiting for the breakout.  I also bought phyz way back when silver was below $5 and it is not for sale, at least yet. Also bought gold phyz at 280-320. It’s boring but comforting sitting back and watching the price and time  working out on the monthly charts. Boring that I have very little charting to do and just have to wait as the PM’s unfold, but comforting to know that (so far) the charts  are staying right on.

Remembering back to 2008 when I had 108 different PM stocks totaling 22,000,000 shares and all margined up. Got one margin call after another with no bids and went from well over a $million++ value to $250,000 before I could get out of the margin calls. Expensive lesson (education tax) (g).

So now I’ve gone to the other extreme. No margin and a couple clicks and I can be in cash on the sidelines if necessary. Sentry Select has IMO the best portfolio of junior miners out there. 23 of them that I can sell with just one click for each of my two accounts.

Since I’ve rearranged my financial life as above I no longer have any stress. I’m not stuck on the edge of my chair, afraid to miss even a few minutes of action. I sure don’t envy those who are trying to day trade the ETF’s. We don’t hear much about how they get whipsawed out of their accounts by trying to trade the short term charts. We only hear when they get lucky and accidentally make a buck now and then. IMO day trading is a zero sum game for about 95% of day traders. All just my own opinion.  Luck to all.  silverngold



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.