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Posted by goldielocks @ 16:16 on August 6, 2014  

We already have a invasion of mass immigration what will it be like if others are declining and were growing. They will rush in and grab those jobs and leave you hung out like dirty laundry if they can get away with it.

Heres a example of how bad things are in some places. A friend from Japan just told me this. Samsung declining? Small kids works more than 12 hrs for 1$ per hr President of Sumsung sick in bed may die soon. Their business method is not working like before. Apple never stop suing Sumsung U know I hate S Korea they are playing game between China and USA. 122 women who are called sex slave for American GIs during Korean War are suing their government soon they will start blame American government and ask for money 25 percent of prostitutes in USA are S Korean women. 50 percent of that in Japan are Koreans. Korea exports prostitutes all over the world and they love to discuss about women’s rights their economy worsen due to strong Korean Won their situation could be worse than Greece already. But they say their economy getting getting better. Rest edited out

Lol but in some countries unemployment ifs youth 50-60 percent already.

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