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Posted by sbr @ 13:58 on August 6, 2014  

perhaps a refresher is in order. CB’s is short for Central Banks. If you have 40 years you should know that parlance.

Central Banks are the stock market. They are the bond market. They are every market of importance in the West.


This is very easily proven unless you are an idiot like a Mish Shedlock. BAML comes out with analysis of capital flows in three categories.wtffff

This graphic was updated recently but it shows quite cleary that CAPITAL was a net seller in all three major categories. So who bought stocks and with what money? We are talking trillions in market cap were added with everyone a seller. Of course data came out earlier this year that Sovereigns and CBs are believe to have purchased 27T in equities.

What I showed in the previous post was what all of the algos RUN BY CB’s work off of, which is quite easily seen if you are willing to do the work. That too is fact. So rather than ask who sells tens of billions in gold April before last which had everyone screaming, simply look at what Yen/$ did and know that only the CBs have enough gold to make that work. And yes, it is paper.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.