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Conclusive evidence Malaysian plane hit by “very very strong machine-gun fire,” not by ground-based missile-fire<<<no shite dumba$$es

Posted by eeos @ 15:50 on August 6, 2014  

Preface by Washington’s Blog: The New York TimesWashington PostFinancial TimesBloomberg,Sydney Morning Herald,  International Business Times and many other news sources have reported that the numerous holes in the wreckage of Malaysian airlines flight 17 are shrapnel from missiles fired from the ground in Ukraine.

Eric Zuesse and the witnesses he quotes claim that the evidence points elsewhere …

By Eric Zuesse:

Reader-comments to my July 31st article, “First Examination of Malaysian MH-17 Cockpit Photo Shows Ukraine Government Shot that Plane Down,” have provided links and leads to independent additional confirmatory evidence, to such an extent that I now feel confident enough to say that the evidence on this matter is, indeed, “conclusive.” Here is all of that evidence, which collectively convinces me that pilot Peter Haisenko’s conclusion there, is, indeed, the only one that can even possibly explain this wreckage:

“There have been two or three pieces of fuselage that have been really pockmarked with what almost looks like machine-gun fire, very very strong machine-gun fire.” This remarkable statement comes not from Haisenko, but from one of the first OSCE investigators who arrived at the scene of the disaster. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ze9BNGDyk4 and it’s right there. Read more


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