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When will the Administration stop this nonsence !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:32 on August 4, 2014  

When everybody stops working and lays back and tells them “print me some too!” if you want my vote .

THe problem with Government having contriol of the Printing Press is they print money for their every wish and try to hide that fact from the public .Government dosent need TAXES none of it requires taxes .Just print the money for Wars,imports ..anything they want…Print food stamps ,subsidize all your political friends healthcare ,but tell your political enemys find work for your needs.!The problem comes about when thay need somebody to work to provide service like cut your hair,grow your food,build your house .Taxes are not necessary for anything except to keep people working .Tax um and that forces them to work.Your Political friends …just print money and food stamps for them .They will stay plenty loyal and vote you in every time just make sure more than 50 % get freebees…..When everybody stops working and says “print me some too! ” the game is over and economic collapse happins and imports grind to a halt because your money is not accepted anymore ,you export nothing anymore because nobody produces anything useful.You print paper to buy your IOU;s back ,but that only works internally ,externally they want payment in GOLD,FOOD,OIL anything tangable .The dollar will be so worthless that BARTER is the only way .

ALL this because Politicians use the PAPER printing monopoly to favor Political friends and not their enemys ..the Ultimate DISCRIMINATION.

TAXES are not necessary ..they are simply a way of punishing your Political enemys…!   Its a form of SLAVERY to not print money for your Political enemys ,but print plenty for your friends.The Liberals have brought back Slavery by Taxing their enemys and not their friends.The President has brought back Slavery and discrimination .Shame on him…….

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.