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goldielocks @ 13:40 MMS & Ebola

Posted by Maya @ 20:30 on August 4, 2014  

The MMS  ‘chlorine dioxide’ works, if I recall correctly, on the principle that the body tissues are normally slightly alkaline, and any infection becomes acidic. That’s what it attacks. It carries a strong ionic charge that literally ‘explodes’ on contact with an infected cell and oxidizes any pathogens. Once it does that, there is still more… The breakdown component is chloric acid which is taken up by the white blood cells and is used by their natural killer mechanism to attack infection even further. So the MMS attacks infection directly, and then turbo-charges your own immune system even further.

I can testify that it works amazingly well against a flu infection… especially if you catch it early. I also had Tamiflu once, which worked fairly well, But the MMS was far faster and stronger in squashing the flu virus literally overnight for me.

MMS is the first thing I reach for if I feel like a virus coming on.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.