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Obama need to grow a Pair and fire this guy !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:50 on August 1, 2014  

Its a good thing for Germany to stay in European Union ,we don’t need another WW .Their political system can get out voted now ! Whats good about Germany is the people are smart ,hard working and thrifty a combination that always makes them rise from any adversity rapidly. The risk for Germany ,the economic engine of Europe is going to come from China ..The Greeks want an end to the Austerity imposed by Banksters and need GERMAN LOANS .If they are refused they will turn to China who NOW has a PORT in Greece (just like its California Port)from which to import all kinds of Goods in competition using Cheap Labor as a weapon.The distribution for cheap goods from China is in place ! What happined to the US will happin to Germany ..wages will be driven down until it is on par with China,just as they did in the US.The standard of living will decline just as it did in US.THe Socialists in Germany will get a dose of Socialism Chinese style.The jobs will disappear slowly at first then rapidly.The Banksters are selling them out just like they did the Americans ,using the same method !This will drive Germany to the Russian side and radicalize the people of both nations against the US Banksters .They have a common enemy.

Obamas chief Foreign Policy advisery   Zibniew Brzezinski    is doing this ,he hates Germany and Russia because he is from POLAND .He would like nothing better than a WAR between US and Russia and or Germany.He is a mad man….Talk about the tail wagging the DOG ..he wants to use US Military for revenge against Russia ..He needs to go !He is a war monger !

He wants to destroy the German economy,the Russian economy in the hope that thay will never be a threat to Poland again.He is still fighting the LAST WAR,he ‘s nuts…

This is the same Foreign Policy adviser Jimmy Carter had .! Zibniew Brzezinski Chief foreign Policy for all DEMOCRATS thats why they are always getting us into WARS..

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