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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:54 on May 19, 2023  

is a complete failure ..it brings all to the lowest common denominator of standards .The worst of humanity becomes the standard .

Interest Rates

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:44 on May 19, 2023  

will NOT stop Inflation….it will cripple the economy first…shrink the money supply ..that might do it…but dont let the BANKS get thier hands on depositors money..  shrink the number of Banks ,dont hurt the depositors..Banks create inflation ..Government spending creates inflation …Biden creates inflation  ..Dont hurt the PUBLIC..with high interest rates ..they dont create inflation..Let some banks fail..not the depositors..simply bring back old rules that got Banks out of Wall st .SEPARATE  Banks from Wall st. restrict them to money only making loans,taking deposits.That will insure the safety of Banks and the money entrusted to them and the economy will stabilize..

interest Rates will not be a tool to pillage depositors money .Then they can go back to fixed rates of 3 % without harm to the economy…






more Nazi German arrogance..thats who is behind this

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:19 on May 19, 2023  
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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:02 on May 19, 2023  


leadership ..Archbishop Vigano

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for alliance against world tyranny

Ororeef 18:50

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:56 on May 19, 2023  

This will shock and sicken you on how pedos are on the move. It’s organized crime parents aren’t having them arrested or coming out on mass or at least mass  walk outs.  It’s all over Europe and some schools here what they’re doing to kids.

“Children should have sex partners” – The UN agenda to normalize pedophilia

Americas freak show with Sponsors like Adidas

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:54 on May 19, 2023  

Adidas ‘Pride 2023’ Ad Features Man in Women’s One-Piece Bathing Suit

Male Modeling Adidas Swimsuit
Adidas Product Line

The new Adidas “Pride 2023” ad campaign features a man wearing a women’s one-piece bathing suit, perpetuating an ongoing corporate trend featuring men in women’s clothing.

Deemed the “Pride Swimsuit” and sold for a whopping price of $70, the Adidas one-piece features a fully-male model proudly displaying what can only be described as a man-bulge in his groin region. Video on the Adidas site also features the man swaying and sauntering in the one-piece.

American FREAK SHOW !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:50 on May 19, 2023  

VIDEO – Washington Official Explodes When Board Member Opposes Sex Offender Joining Group: ‘I’m Glad He’s Here … This Is About Equity’

Shanee Colston, co-chair of the Continuum of Care board – a subdivision of the King County Regional Homeless Authority.
screenshot/King County Regional Homeless Authority

A Washington state board member was shouted down May 3 after saying she did not want a sex offender joining their committee.

During an online meeting presided over by Shanee Colston, cochair of the King County Regional Homelessness Authority Continuum of Care Advisory Committee, votes were taken to approve possible members, the New York Post reported Thursday.

One of the candidates was Thomas Whitaker-Raven Crowfoot, and board member Kristina Sawyckyj, who is a victim of sexual assault, shared concern about the possibility of him joining the group.

“We have a code of ethics on this board and Thomas Whitaker-Raven Crowfoot is a sex offender — repeat sex offender — and I have had bad experience with him,” the military veteran explained.

However, Colston did not back down and defended the man. She appeared to try and cover up his past, saying, “We’re not here to discover people’s backgrounds.”

She added, “And I’m actually glad that is the case that he’s here because sex offenders are another population that is most vulnerable that don’t have housing. People do change.”

Video footage records the tense moments between the individuals during the meeting:

What seems to be a profile about Colston appears on a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website. It describes her as a Behavioral Health Case Manager who “looks after her clients’ best interests and inspires hope in those who have none.”

“Shanee chooses to work with the most marginalized, vulnerable and underserved single men and women 18 and older in King County,” the profile reads.

According to the Post, Whitaker was previously convicted on separate occasions of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, harboring a 13-year-old with whom he was in a sexual relationship, and he was also charged with raping a minor.

During the meeting, Sawyckyj claimed the man touched her and told the others she would not be able to attend meetings in the future if he was among them.

However, Colston kept trying to silence her, saying, “If anyone wants to talk like that, you will be muted and removed from this meeting, board member or public or not.”

“This is about equity and everyone, everyone deserves housing. I don’t care if they’re a sex offender, I don’t care if they’re black, I don’t care if they’re indigenous, I don’t care if they’re a criminal, I don’t care if they’re coming out of jail, prison, everyone deserves housing,” she shouted.

Social media users commented on the Post‘s story, one individual writing, “A politician in Washington state is a pedophile sympathizer? No, that can’t be.”

“Idiocy continues to reign supreme in Washington State. People are getting exactly what they voted for over and over again,” another replied.

Colston has reportedly been asked to step down from her position following the heated conversation.

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m2 hasen’t dropped that much !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:20 on May 19, 2023  

Starbucks near me

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:11 on May 19, 2023  

has been out of my favorite Green tea Frappichino for 4 days now.Im told theres a shortage ?…

Today on Fri they closed the cafe at 5 pm and put a sign on the door to use the drive in..

Sounds just like my Bank America..first they do away with inside people,then they said only the drive in window is open ,then the drive in is closed and a sign on the window says to use the ATM machine.Now the ATM machine wont dispense cash (last three days)and a friend told me she deposited cash at that ATM and it lost her money ! It took 2 days to get her credit to her account.WTF ?


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:50 on May 19, 2023  

It just seems to me the incurable corrupt who’ve ran too long with out accountability and the congress who allowed it are willing to let banks be the fall guy. That they’ll distract and throw anyone under the bus by the Marxist and Neocons that would use up our resources, quality of life, even human lives and destroy this country from within for want of total power and control. Not that banks weren’t blameless but more on the reactive opportunist side and who knows maybe survival mode.

They already questioned J Dimon of Chase bank how he thinks a mother with a 6 yr old child could live on 16.50 a month before taxes in a Calif town deducting 1600 rent for a one bedroom apt. utilities, car and gas prices, forced to eat low quality food and after school child care adding up to a almost 600 deficit. That isn’t counting health care, dentists, cloths or anything else. So I guess his answer was close some banks.
How was it Dimons fault a average rent for a one bedroom alt went from 7-800 a month to 1600 a month. That’s what Dimon should of said which would of  eliminated the deficit right there with a savings. Dimon didn’t cause gas taxes and prices doubling and raising cost of food and discretionary’s brought by trucks from rising. State and Gov either caused it or neglected to stop the greed and corruption and speculation going on in real estate.Now making it worse with open borders.
Did they think questioning Chase Bank for the highest cost of living per earnings in history going to exonerate them?

Ipso 15:48

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:11 on May 19, 2023  

I don’t mean help the M2  in current economic environment unless the Gov is to stupid to see what they to a larger degree and banks caused but the banks from a bank run and fuel more suspicion the Gov is up to no good “ again.”

goldielocks @ 15:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:48 on May 19, 2023  

It doesn’t say it would help M-2. It’s says “amid” the decline in M-2 money supply.

The important thing is that people with large sums in the banks wouldn’t be able to access it. A rather extreme measure … I don’t think they’ll do it.

Bail ins next? No wonder gold is going up.

Ipso 9:12

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:19 on May 19, 2023  

Am I missing something? How would freezing cash withdrawals help M2 for at least basic needs if they moved the rest to treasuries or better interest accounts,  or confidence in keeping money in banks that’s already lost in value sitting there.

Typical pm action

Posted by Buygold @ 14:51 on May 19, 2023  

shares look like crap and have given all the gains back. Pathetic.

I could see gold down $50 Monday am the ways the shares are acting. Effing depressing.



Posted by Ororeef @ 12:57 on May 19, 2023  

Every time Biden opens his trap it adds $1000 to the final price of Gold ….What a fucking traitor he is to the American voter…He’s giving the Democrats  that voted for him a Good Fucking ..they deserve what they get…He wants to put all the Democrats on his Slave ship and they cant get off.. They re so stupid to trust him until its too late to abandon ship.. He’s got them and  they will go down with the ship of Fools ..! Bateau de fous

Buygold … coincidentally

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:19 on May 19, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:13 on May 19, 2023  

“FOX Business reporting the budget talks have stalled, that might also be why the SM is tanking.”

Seems like gold popped right after this news came out.

Ipso – yes, quite unexpected

Posted by Buygold @ 11:46 on May 19, 2023  

I’m glad today that I got back in yesterday before we came back.

If the Biden administration really froze withdrawals, gold should go no-bid.

They’re putting up a fight at $2K again, but at least not $1980 (futures)

FOX Business reporting the budget talks have stalled, that might also be why the SM is tanking.

Only thin g I have left now tech wise is Bullfrog warrants.

edit: and here comes the scum, beating back the move. This just never ends.

Well today is better than a sharp stick in the eye

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:37 on May 19, 2023  

Wow this would eff things up!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:12 on May 19, 2023  

Bizzaro World

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:08 on May 19, 2023  

Washington needs to accept reality

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:49 on May 19, 2023  

Assad Arrives To Red Carpet Treatment In Saudi Arabia, Historic 1st Since War Began


goldielocks @ 22:08

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:41 on May 19, 2023  

“fly on the wall” We’d probably be shocked at the way they think!

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:40 on May 19, 2023  

Wheaton Precious (WPM) Buys Gold Stream in Cangrejos Project


Guanajuato Silver Drills 4.89 metres True Width of 359 g/t AgEq at San Ignacio


Goliath Resources Closes Upsized Brokered Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of C$9.65 Million


Lion One Commences Mining on Second Lode System at Tuvatu


Eric Sprott Announces Changes to His Holdings in Labrador Gold Corp.


Goliath Mobilizes for 18,000 Meters of Drilling Including Maiden Drill Program on Newly Discovered Goldswarm Zone at Golddigger Project, Golden Triangle, B.C.


South Darlot Gold Project: Filing of NI43-101 Technical Report


Abcourt announces Adjusted Net Earnings of $2.3 million for the Quarter ended March 31, 2023


Abcourt files the Technical Report for the Mineral Resources Estimate of the Discovery Project


Angold Resources Completes Sale of US Projects


Lode Acquires Rights to Additional US Gold Projects


How to check if your calls are being forwarded to someone else.

Posted by goldielocks @ 6:49 on May 19, 2023  

I tried it, it’s real. If they all don’t say disabled you should worry.

Dial Star pound 2  1  pound then call.    If they all don’t say disabled you should worry. *# 2 1 # call.

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