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The day following this very exposing video interview between Dr Buttar and Laura Lynn Thompson, Dr Buttar died of apparent poisoning.

Posted by silverngold @ 23:58 on May 20, 2023  

The same thing happened last December when he was poisoned and almost died, but through the grace of God he survived that one in order to make this, his last presentation in this life. RIP Dr Buttar!

2_Point. My guess is they do not want to shine any more light on him than necessary!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:36 on May 20, 2023  

David Martin would crucify them if they opened that can of maggots, and I would guess they know if anything happens to him, or to any of his loved ones, they will become road kill!!

@ silverngold @ 17:55 on May 20, 2023

Posted by 2_point @ 20:33 on May 20, 2023  

In my opinion David Martin is easy to listen to …

he does not ( for the most part ) speak using ” um’s ” and ” ah’s ”

and the best TRUTH qualifier for David Martin

is that No Entity has brought Legal Action against him.


Having ” said ” the above … I do wonder

why Klaus Schwab et.al. have not sanctioned David Martin with extreme prejudice





Could be interesting

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:14 on May 20, 2023  

2_point @ 12:53…Thanks for posting Dr. David Martin making his presentation to the European Parliament. Dr Martin is IMO by far the foremost patent expert in the world and when he says something you can take it to the bank!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:55 on May 20, 2023  

He drops a bombshell by exposing that this Bioweapon, COVID 19, has been in progress as far back as 1965, and patents have been filed as far back as 2002-3 calling this “NEW” novel virus COVID 19….and in case people don’t already know, Anthony Fauci is one of the original patent holders.

Please People, Watch 2 -points video posted here at 12:53. The world has been conned, duped, betrayed, and lied to while “they” have been setting up this extinction event for close to 50 years, and if we/you don’t wake up PDQ….IMO humanity is doomed!

Andrew McGuire’s latest interview

Posted by drb2 @ 13:08 on May 20, 2023  

Opinions on Andrew McGuire cover the spectrum – from Shill to Whistleblower hero.
Regardless – the man can talk!    …and does – for 40 mins without pause on all topics PM.

I used 1.75 speed and could still easily make out what he says.

A Fed Gold Revaluation got my attention. This possibility has been mentioned elsewhere as well.  It does make sense concerning the unfathomable debt the US has accumulated. Plus they have done it before.

Any opinions?

Rehypothecated gold hell! | ZeroHedge

David Martin Phd – Internation Covid Summit III – PART 1

Posted by 2_point @ 12:53 on May 20, 2023  

9 May 2023

21 Min 35 Sec  extract

David Martin

http s:// www.bitchute.com/video/XgncYRvH68rt/

from the 3 Hour 27 Minute


http s:// www.bitchute.com/video/CdnfB0ht5oJF/




Posted by goldielocks @ 7:46 on May 20, 2023  

They’re not about inclusive but rude and intrusive trying to make themselves exclusive like a typical narcissist to the point of being criminal.

Sounds like your describing a Democrat. The lowest common denominator sees us as a threat like a narcissist who can’t get people to accept them as superior to them and their opinion as the only opinion. They hate that amongst other things.

But be careful because part of their game they’re good at is getting people annoyed or angry and then tell them what they think of them, then use it to play victim even if your right. That’s besides also being lying manipulators they’re  gaslighters. Your lying you hater. It’s your fault.Just remember is all based on their own low self esteem and why your a threat if you don’t bow down to them. 

Lowest common denominator is a good description that sums up a lot of words it would take to describe them.

It would be good if the media on the right would stop talking about them all the time and instead of talking about positive things they’re  doing and put them on ignore.

Besides they hate that, they want everything to revolve around them. They think people talk about them as much as they talk about themselves, so why do they feed into it other than what bad result or war they want to cause next.

That’s the problem, what good are the repubs doing without Trump around.

It also gets the focus and pressure off them to do anything about it. The media needs to put a little more work into their news and talk to the repubs more to see what they’re doing or planning on doing. Hold all of them responsible to be team players because as far as America first get behind each other.

If you noticed besides dividing using race their attacking or injecting a false narrative upending norms in everything about Americans even their beer and sports illustrated, even after the kids in a criminal way. Not much different than a prisoner of war or what it’s like if you had a stalker trying to kill you.

People are sick and tired of hearing about these sociopaths as they also drain the positive energy out of people which is toxic and not healthy. 

Good it should be a bipartisan if any moderate demos left

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:00 on May 20, 2023  

Sen. Ted Cruz introduces bill to prevent the Fed from establishing a central bank digital currency.


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