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@ Buygold RE: “I can’t do another one of these crashes in the shares.”

Posted by drb2 @ 23:49 on May 16, 2023  

Hi BG,

I hear what you’re saying. Me too. I’m so sick of this crap.  It’s like death by a thousand cuts.

The problem I struggle with when I think of selling out, is that I know I am right when it comes to PMs – the medium of exchange between humans is too important for it to be created out of thin air as debt… and that is exactly how Federal Reserve Note are created.  Eventually, without question, they will fail.

The problem for people that embrace this thought is that they are true believers.  There is an old saying “a long Bear Market can not end until the last Bull (true believer) gives up hope.”
The more one thinks about that statement the more it makes sense.  And the more it scares me – I may have to sell out in order for PMs to at long last be free. 😬

For the first time since 1913 when the Fed was created, a credible alternative has been proposed. There is a sliver of hope that this new currency will somehow be tied to commodities, including PMs.  It is hard to think of a more demoralizing event than, after years (and years of) torture, to sell out totally…. then try to get back on the train, but be too late to catch it.

Good Luck

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:51 on May 16, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:20 on May 16, 2023  

Looking at what’s going on in the world it’s very hard to see a scenario where gold is knocked down for very long.

That said … the shares can sure get punished during these gold downturns!

A lot miners seem to have an AISC of $1500 or $1600 and they’re not making much money if any. Costs seem to have really gone up. A few hundred dollar gain in a week or a month would solve many problems!

Hey deer79

Posted by Buygold @ 20:16 on May 16, 2023  

I can’t do another one of these crashes in the shares.

If we’re down again tomorrow, I’m selling everything and sitting on the sidelines. These shares always give you another opportunity to buy. I’ve worked too damn hard to see it all stolen again.

Funny, I saw the article from Von Greyerz, whenever these guys start throwing around big numbers, it’s always time to sell. Last Von Greyerz article he said gold wouldn’t go up much, can’t even remember why.

He’s been wrong for over 20 years.

Posted by Maya @ 20:10 on May 16, 2023  


A headline from ZH

Posted by deer79 @ 15:40 on May 16, 2023  


Once again, the criminals go massively short up at the $2050 area, and as Gold starts to weaken, the cretins assuredly know where the big CTA stops are in Gold.
They add a little fuel to the downside fire and PRESTO!……x

Wash, rinse, repeat……..

Is this a robot? Watch till the end the arrogance of anyone who hides behind the left.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:26 on May 16, 2023  

Is Cardona a Robot.

Where’s the transparency. I think Lisa shouldn’t ask him once he didn’t answer but demand the information and if that post turtle doesn’t stop paying him.

No more CRT, Queer, Pedo, or anti American socialist/ Marxist indoctrination money.

This should be taken out of the hands of the Fed perhaps break up the Union that’s in it for themselves and put in the budgets on the states with limits on class sizes, healthier foods not processed cheap fake food and armed security.

Should be school testing every year for grad level progress on all subjects their supposed to teach with more focus on what they’re teaching.

They can put disabled and learning disability’s in another category to make sure they’re learning too.

Bonuses for teachers who’s students get the best scores not based on school groupies.

SHOCKING MOMENT: Education Secretary Cardona Repeatedly Evades Lisa McClain’s Questions – YouTube



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:40 on May 16, 2023  

Tax dollars. We have every form of corruption out there plucking at what they think is the last golden goose from within and from without. Since they plucked all the others  they’re all coming here next.
Ask all these government agency’s how much money they get every year for every department and sub department of those departments including schools that now want a 4 day week.
A list of where all the money they’re gonna spend and what reason do they think they have the right to give that money of ours to them instead of paying what they borrowed back.
I think the Brics might have the right idea. We start buying, selling and  trading in other currency’s.
I mean since Mayorkas wants to make it as fast and easy as possible for  illegals to get in.
We can just start accepting their currency and start a black market.

The giant elephant in the room. Interest on the debt will be taking more and more ….

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:05 on May 16, 2023  

US Now Spends More Servicing Its Debt Than On National Defense


Your tax money at work

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:41 on May 16, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:35 on May 16, 2023  

Must be the new math! LOL

“idiots” We’re all inclusive here!

ipso facto @ 10:13…no problem getting in once I learned how to calculate the new robot math….

Posted by silverngold @ 12:26 on May 16, 2023  

Like when they asked for me to answer the question “what is 2+2+2?” and I said “that’s 6— FAIL!!

So then  I answered “that equals 222”.

And they said, “Yup, you’re an idiot! Welcome to the Oasis“.


Breaking down

Posted by Buygold @ 12:24 on May 16, 2023  

the pm shares look like crap. HUI down at 260, should be support at 250. Hard to believe that gold at $2K and the shares aren’t even close to the highs of the last rally.

SLV looks like it will break below 21.50 which lends itself to under $20.

As usual, none of this makes sense. I’m wondering if the debt default is pushing these rates higher as there seems to be a flight from bond the last few days. Rates and the USD should not be up today.

Hate to say it folks but the scum is winning again, just like they always do. The only question is just how bad it gets. Looks like another sell in May and go away. Shit.



Posted by Maddog @ 11:46 on May 16, 2023  

Re Duh !!!

what are the odds on him apologising …or at least keeping stuumme…for a century or two.

Another great day for the Rig….all commodities are falling

Posted by Maddog @ 11:43 on May 16, 2023  

and the dollar finds bids….just like that…..pure ‘effing magic…my arse.

They’ll just keep

Posted by deer79 @ 11:28 on May 16, 2023  

Shaking the tree until they can get as many off as possible. Then they’ll ride in and scoop up as much as they possibly can.

Used up almost all of my dry powder, so I’ll wait until the MACD and stochastics start to turn higher before I nibble on anything else


Posted by commish @ 11:17 on May 16, 2023  

Well this is disappointing

Posted by Buygold @ 10:30 on May 16, 2023  

I guess we’ll see how things shakeout now that the first hour bullshit is over.

SNG I see you were having trouble getting in? I’m assuming you’re good to go now.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:13 on May 16, 2023  

“The 1980 gold price of $850, adjusted for real inflation would today be $28,300”

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:04 on May 16, 2023  

Von Greyerz: A Disorderly Reset With Gold Revalued By Multiples


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:08 on May 16, 2023  

Fortuna reports results for the first quarter of 2023


Endeavour Publishes 2022 Sustainability Report


Eric Sprott Announces Changes to His Holdings in Galantas Gold Corporation


Highlander Silver Announces 50 to 100 Million Ounce Silver Equivalent Exploration Target at the La Estrella Project and Investor Relations Agreement with Harbor Access


Winshear Receives Authorisation to Initiate Activities at Its Gaban Gold Project in Puno, Peru


Canagold Increases Indicated Gold Resource by 89% in Updated Mineral Resource Estimate for New Polaris Gold Project, BC


Nevada Sunrise Announces 2023 Exploration Program Plans at the Kinsley Mountain Gold Project, Nevada


Sabre Gold Provides Copperstone Mine Update and Announces Filing of First Quarter Financials


55 North Mining Inc. Announces Signing of Exploration Agreement with The Marcel Colomb First Nation Band


Collective Mining Expands the Dimensions of the High-Grade Shallow Zone of Mineralization at the Apollo Porphyry System and Intersects Significant Visual Mineralization Along the Newly Discovered Contact Zone


Orefinders Announces Name Change to Orecap Invest Corp.




O3 Mining Intersects 5.9 g/t Au Over 10.1 Metres on Malartic H Deposit at Marban


Ximen Mining Acquires Perry Creek Gold Property Cranbrook, BC


Golden Independence to Mobilize for Exploration Program at Napoleon Project


Tocvan Announces Bulk Sample Material Averaging Grades of 1.9 g/t Gold and 13 g/t Silver Leaching Process Underway for Bulk Sample


Excellon Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Corporate Highlights


Aftermath Silver Ltd. Announces Closing of Second and Final Tranche of Private Placement


Gatos Silver Announces Delay in Filing Its Financial Statements for the First Quarter of 2023


China Gold International Resources Reports 2023 First Quarter Results


Quimbaya Gold Inc. Announces Letter of Intent and Convertible Loan Agreement


EMX Royalty Announces First Quarter 2023 Results




Seabridge Gold Files First Quarter Financial Statements and MD&A


Lavras Gold expands on wealth of discoveries in first quarter


Retail Sales – HUGE MISS

Posted by Buygold @ 8:41 on May 16, 2023  

up 0.4% vs estimates of 0.8%

Not helping just yet, but methinks it might play out the way it should.

and here we come… 🙂

0600EST – maybe it does compute?

Posted by Buygold @ 6:10 on May 16, 2023  

Retail sales come out at 0830 – a weak number may change the look of things. I expect the number will be worse than even they expect.

Gotta put pm’s in a hole prior to the number so they don’t rally too hard. London helping the Crimex yet again.


0500 EST – it does not compute…

Posted by Buygold @ 4:50 on May 16, 2023  

So, we’ve got the USD and rates are down, not huge, but enough, and so are pm’s with them. Silver down 1%, Gold down $7. So, we are not getting the correlation that has worked so well for these last months.

SM down a little but more like flat, oil flat.

I’m happy and surprised the HUI has held the 265 line, but not sure it will continue to hold much longer. Hopefully, this turns as it should, I’ll be looking to see how the shares fair in the premarket.

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