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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:14 on May 5, 2023  

The Rocky Mountaineer… in deep


Sng 19:43

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:47 on May 5, 2023  

Armstrong used to say follow the money a lot.
What the plandemic did to hurt the medical field was outright medical treason and the people behind it should not be allowed to get away with it. But since the owners and their lobbyists are also politician donor puppet  masters it would be difficult to do.
Before then when not driven by money since there was other options in the past when they didn’t make as much people who entered the profession had hopes of better care.

They shattered those goals and forced out many who saw through and refused the jab and threatened those who refused to lie as well as go along with a protocol that would end in death for their patients.
I mentioned back then would just ramp up the fear while they the same people that caused it claimed to be hero’s coming up with a vaccine as the only solution. Then as I warned they would start their  psych ops on those who refused using blame shifting, guilt and duty. All tactics that are racketeering and unconstitutional.
Others knew who were forced  to take it but stuck between a rock and hard place financially but others were sheep  when they ramped up the heat with virtue signaling and accusing people with generalized slanderous comments. The politicians involved also need to be held accountable.

Also like I mentioned today about the SM and the puppet masters are the only thing they care about.
Can you imagine when these inner connections get AI going.
Those in the know are sincerely worried about evil input that could destroy humanity as well as what it’s capable of by itself,
Back in the early 70s a older nurse and mentor  when I was mentioning the Illuminati but didn’t connect the dots or name yet said to me, “ someday man is going to get so smart he’s going to destroy the world.”


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:49 on May 5, 2023  

Schools and the Trojan Horse.
War  against the parents who want common sense basic education to ready their children for good jobs, their not getting and their attack on American values. Part of the communist manifesto was public schools run by governments.

History repeats

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:45 on May 5, 2023  

One thing caught my attention in last part of the video on the Illuminati near the end. As you’ll see they were popping up everywhere in Europe and the US and still are.

One of them in Italy the current writing won’t mention and refers him as a patriot was not a patriot of Italy but another one of the communist agenda NWO who I believe was exiled.
His name was Mazzini. He was organizing other country’s in Europe and the US and called them “ the new young Italians” “ New young whatever country they were in.
Now  keep in mind this video came out in 2016.
Who today is trying to do  the same thing?
Klaus Schwab.

Re: The video series Alex posted and 2-Point corrected…Cult of the Medics! Please at least watch this episode 3, and if short of time skip ahead to 37 minutes and watch who is actually controlling the world and how they are doing it.

Posted by silverngold @ 19:43 on May 5, 2023  

Open the site and scroll down until you hit chapter 3 and watch all you find time for. There are 9 episodes and they are very enlightening as well as entertaining and educational. You won’t regret it and may even connect some dots that have been struggling in the back of your mind. One that is exposed is who/what the actual boss is. Who is controlling the world? Talk about Razzle Dazzle! Everything is exposed if you can sort it out!



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:03 on May 5, 2023  

Ketchup, thanks for the history. Since high fructose corn syrup is relatively new it’s not surprising but glad to know it wasn’t him but a Democrat. Although we have those who would destroy this country on both sides now pretty  much the left are 100 percent.
It’s not just corn syrup like GMO  but glad your avoiding it. Also pushing heavy food like with a lot of dough little protein or vegetables every meal combining the contributing of obesity and malnutrition of vital nutrients.

How will our generation stand up against the Illuminati like the others before us or will we sit by and surrender?

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:53 on May 5, 2023  

The history of conspiracy’s of the NWO through time within the US.

The Eagle and pyramid with all seeing eye. Real conspiracy’s that come from those who were not taught it’s  history that the Illuminati that has been around since the beginning was overridden.

In 1776 we were working under the articles of the confederation. They had a office called the Secretary of Congress that no longer exists. They were authorized to put together the great seal of the US. The eagle and the Pyramid and all seeing eye and the Latin words NWO.

What changed that? 1787 in operation since 1789, “We the People.” The Framers changed it.

The Tower of Babel is the European Union. Not your will but mine be done.

He goes into their conspiracy’s including present like the British decided they want no more of it as well.

He talks about Obama and the TTIP we missed that bullet that would of put us in the EU which the British helped us out by exiting.

Enough spoilers, they won’t teach this is schools including how they tried to change the constitution and still trying.


Posted by goldielocks @ 8:30 on May 5, 2023 ….Heinz OUTED !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:37 on May 5, 2023  

I noticed the switch to another sweetener hi Fructose corn syrup a long time ago,and I stopped using Heinz .. such a bad corporate decision,I believe Hunts still uses the original sweetner .John Heinz a Republican  was ok until he, Heinz was killed in a plane crash and then his Portuguese wife married a Democrat KERRY and the company went to hell.

Dec 20, 2022Hunt’s 100% Natural Ketchup contains only five simple ingredients: tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, salt, and other seasonings, making it non-high-fructose corn syrup. Although many ketchups on the market contain both high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup, Hunt’s 100% Natural Ketchup is a healthier alternative.

I don’t think the baby boomers got this the first time around.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:23 on May 5, 2023  

The difference between a Constitutional Republic which we were founded and a Democracy, dictatorship which we were not.

Actually it already is a Banana republic.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:39 on May 5, 2023  


I changed the lyrics to my last song. Satire

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:30 on May 5, 2023  

Here they come from all over now by bus loads and who paying for it. They’re singing, “ I’m Chiquita Banana and we come to stay,  gonna make a Banana Republic out of the USA. “

Report: Massive Bus Caravan of Migrants Out of Costa Rica Headed to the US Border as Title 42 Expires (VIDEO)

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:10 on May 5, 2023  

Looks like the SM is buying back on speculation with nothing really to show for it. If there was and business were booming that would be something else. There is  declining sales in anything people don’t actually need and people are getting more particular who gets their money like Bud light learned.  They have a choice just like they had a choice to make the wrong choice so you can see who their masters are in the background who only want sales no matter the cost.

The people see what direction this country is going putting it away including the stock market and out of banks.
But when the market starts to crash that ruins the illusion they’re doing a good job like announcing a interest rate just before seemingly good news like that’s all that matters in their hopes for a soft landing. Only then do they get concerned when multi-National Donors revenue gets hit. It’s not keeping gold down they care about, it’s keeping them up. Not just the Fed but their puppet masters.

I’ve been been learning a little bit about why those really smart in computers are concerned about AI they want to roll out and why they’re hesitant from those who just want it. Power in different forms.
Now being the last in the know about computers in any depth,  if I’m getting it or at least some of it there could be a concern. Concern that these computers can start communicating with each other. That if one computer learns something they’ll all learn at the same time. That they could communicate with other robotics. “They made a movie about that once how the machines turned on the people, not terminator but even moving vehicles.”
How will military protect computers   including missiles?  Especially when we have a current compromised government. Infrastructure and energy computers?
That they could take over with false information everywhere.
Without being too deep into it at the same time,  since they will be communicating with each other and a ability to reach all computers  what’s to stop someone from putting in a virus.

Gold Down $32/oz And Some Miners Are Up Anyway

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:25 on May 5, 2023  

It looks like TPTB threw an emergency “chair” in front of us re that meaningless jobs report, and people are buying the dips. That started and ended already for ERO FCX SBSW DRD AGI IAG SAND HL plus many others.


Posted by deer79 @ 10:59 on May 5, 2023  

Nice to have you back in full strength….

I totally agree that this mornings price action is all “shock and awe” by the bad guys. IMHO, every dip like this is a terrific buying opportunity. I don’t have a lot of $ to work with, but I’m certainly trying to pick up a few nuggets here…..

First hour shenanigans about over

Posted by Buygold @ 10:26 on May 5, 2023  

shares firming up here 5 minutes in advance.

This day is a long way from over IMHO

Under the rotting surface

Posted by Buygold @ 8:49 on May 5, 2023  

The highlighted jobs beat this am has a bunch of cracks in it. The revisions to previous months were enourmous. That’s why the SM is rallying and why I think pm’s will come back. It was actually a dovish report.

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:41 on May 5, 2023  

SSR Mining First Quarter 2023 Earnings: Revenues Beat Expectations, EPS Lags


International Tower Hill Mines Files 2023 First Quarter Financial Results


Globex Completes Geophysical Survey on Tyrone Property


Cassiar Gold Closes Equity Offering for Gross Proceeds of C$9.9 Million




Gold Terra Resource Corp. Announces Overnight Marketed Public Offering of up to Approximately C$6 Million




McEwen Copper: Los Azules – New Assay Results


Chesapeake Gold Initiates Legal Proceedings Related to San Vicente 3 Concession


Osisko Development Announces Supplemental Listing of Warrants


Argonaut Gold Announces First Quarter Financial and Operating Results; Provides Project Development Update


Sprott Announces First Quarter 2023 Results


Osisko Development Reports 2022 Drill Results at Trixie, Including: 53.27 g/t Au and 90.24 g/t Ag over 2.44 m and 36.81 g/t Au and 30.89 g/t Ag over 3.35 m


P2 Gold Upsizes and Closes First Tranche of Financings


Spanish Mountain Gold Appoints Peter Mah as President and CEO, Brent Bergeron as Chair and Announces $6 Million Non-brokered Private Placement




Austin Gold Projects Update


Nevada Exploration Provides Corporate


Signal Gold Announces 2023 First Quarter Results


Jobs Report is a beat

Posted by Buygold @ 8:38 on May 5, 2023  

so negative for pm’s as the USD strengthens, 10 yr. up to 3.44% – 6 bips

Gold immediately dropped to $2030 and stopped.

The shares have been stable when they should be down a lot. There was heavy volume in the shares across the board yesterday.

I’m buying this dip this am FWIW

Ketchup Canadian vs Us

Posted by goldielocks @ 8:30 on May 5, 2023  

At least except for Covid their FDA doesn’t suck as bad.

0530 EST – Jobs Report

Posted by Buygold @ 5:27 on May 5, 2023  

They could crush us like they usually do, or we could rally from here. Rates are up, USD weaker.

Once again, I like that we are weak into the report, but we’ve had a great week and might let some air out.. Maybe we gift some back.

SM is up a lttle to start. Oil is back up trying to challenge the $70 mark.

edit: oil now up above $70 – that move down to $65 didn’t make sense.

10 yr. is the biggest drag, up 2.6 bips, but USD is still down. I expect both will be much different in an hour or so when the jobs data comes out.


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