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Posted by amals @ 19:52 on May 17, 2023  

Well, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. 😉 Actually, I could have said more, but that’s the gist of it.

Posted by Maddog @ 19:50 on May 17, 2023  

That thing is not a woman, and Obama is also known as Bath House Barry.

LoL……u have a great way with words…..

Have u seen the Alex Jones clip on big Mike….

No-one could get elected after that …..


Posted by deer79 @ 19:30 on May 17, 2023  

Well said. You summarized it very well!

Buygold, drb2, goldie, aurum… re: the shares

Posted by amals @ 19:13 on May 17, 2023  

You know you can count me in, too, on the insanity.   My participation goes back to about 2001, but I was never a trader. Tried to pick good ones and just let them ride. Have sold very few, and as you can guess, I have a few big winners, a few okay performers, and a lot of losers, some very big losers.  Quite a few I never bought; they came about from mergers and acquisitions.  But I  am also of the camp that find it hard to let them go at this point; I’ve been through so much pain that it would kill me to sell off now only to miss the train when it finally leaves the station, having never faltered in my belief in the concept, at least, of owning the producers of pm’s in what I consider a failing financial world.  And besides, except for the big winners, the others are hardly worth selling, they’re so far down.  The only hope is for them to come back and perform if/when pm’s ever take off again. If even a few of them do, I might just get back to even on my long-term investment.


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:17 on May 17, 2023  

Funny and tragic and a bit surreal!

Ipso – funny

Posted by Buygold @ 17:26 on May 17, 2023  

Imagine she and Fetterman being on the same committee. They showed a clip of Fetterman trying to stumble through with a bunch of non-sensical jibberish at a banking committee hearing yesterday. Unbelievable. These sick fux will seriously do anything to stay in power and the people they put in are getting dumber and dumber and easier to manipulate.


Posted by Buygold @ 17:17 on May 17, 2023  

with regard to Trump, I love him and he won that election easily. Up until the last decade or so, election results were in by midnight at the latest. Then the Obama crowd came in and everything changed. He was and still is the most destructive president in US history.

He is still running the show.

Trump IMHO has some proving to do. He filled his cabinet and lower level staff with swamp creatures. When he chose Cohn (a lifelong liberal as treasury secretary) I kind of thought huh? and then Bill Barr the RINO as AG after all the crap he’d been through? He should have hired a rabid right wing outsider that defended his every move. That makes me nervous about him. He did a great job for the economy and country and ran it like a business, but who the hell was advising him? My guess is Jared Kushner who has always been a liberal along with his rich family.

IMHO, if he does the same thing in a second term, then he is a swamp creature himself and all of this has been for show. That would be a shame. This country is on the brink of collapse. The population – or half of us -are ready for executions.

Michelle Obama scares me as a candidate. She’s a lock for most of the stupid women in this country. The best thing he could do is make Michael Obama a DNA test. He has nothing to lose by accusing it of being a man, because if it doesn’t get one, it’s a man for sure. That thing is not a woman, and Obama is also known as Bath House Barry.

Making decisions for the country!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:47 on May 17, 2023  

‘I’ve been here, I’ve been voting!’ Concern grows for ailing Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein, 89, as she FORGETS about two-and-a-half-month shingles absence and insists she’s been in Congress throughout



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:37 on May 17, 2023  

Bill S-211 the Modern Slavery Act has profound implications for Canadian listed mining companies – Richard Mills


Posted by Maddog @ 14:09 on May 17, 2023  

U might have warned us, that that link has pictures of Swift Boat……he really is one ugly PoS.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:55 on May 17, 2023  

re cooking

I am not surprised at what u say….I had some nice money riding on the Donald, winning big…so I followed it all v closely…he was a runaway winner….I really think he would have won way bigger than Reagan did, because by the 2nd vote people had seen how good he made their lives, so that brought huge numbers over to him, who doubted at first etc.

He is anything but dumb…so I am sure he has plans to stop/expose the Dems next time, he has been surprisingly quite about that side, while never stopping accusing them of the steal, so when he does expose cheating, he has prepared the ground.

But if the Dems pull it off, then as I said all bets are off…u don’t push a stone cold, KGB trained killer, armed to the teeth with Nukes into a corner, where his choices are fight or die, for the country he loves, unless u are insane, which proves this lot are insane.

Hey maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 13:26 on May 17, 2023  

“if the Dems cook it again…all bets are off.”

There is a 100% chance they will cook it. Do you know how many fake ballots they must’ve had to make to get Biden to 84 Million? At least 20 million votes and they go all the way down ballot. The repubs should have an 8 seat advantage in the Senate and 50 in the House, but RINO’s like McConnell and his gang of 16 deep state senators made sure they didn’t.

Those 16 should resign in disgrace.

Hungary not going along with the NWO program

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:48 on May 17, 2023  

Hungary Blocks €500 Million In EU Weapons Funding For Ukraine After Kiev Sanctions Hungary’s Biggest Bank


This explains …when Kerry was Kohn

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:06 on May 17, 2023  
Dec 21, 2012 BOSTON – Senator John Kerry, with his mother’s New England patrician pedigree and his Irish last name actually has a grandfather who was born a Jew in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Kerry Named to Replace Clinton Kerry Backs Israel, Not Its Policies Netanyahu Lauds Kerry Appointment Jews Like Kerry for Secretary of State


Posted by Maddog @ 11:12 on May 17, 2023  

Ur right Kerry has no shame…he comes from an East Coast family, that has no money, but lots of rich friends to scrounge off….he was then a big activist against the Vietnam war, despite serving and embellishing his record disgracefully.

Later on he married Theresa Heinz, who had inherited the Heinz fortune, from her husband of 5 minutes…much to Senator Heinz’s kids, from an earlier marriage disgust…..it must have been a great love match, as they are both so similar!!!!!……since then he has wanted for nothing…. apart from brains.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:07 on May 17, 2023  

Hungary, yeah I know. He also protects his borders. He isn’t going along with the detriment being done to other country’s.
I bet they were going to blame it on Russia.

Lol  on the description of Kerry. What ever it is they got I hope I don’t catch. There’s a whole bunch of them that need to go.


Posted by aurum @ 10:33 on May 17, 2023  

Yes the pm’s are a struggle with mental health and possibly financial health.  Still it can be done with watching charts.  As I have aged I find some deterioration in my skills or perhaps I am just not as lucky now.  Anyway I don’t pay attention to any news and simply look at the charts.  If they don’t act like I expect, I lighten up.  The important thing as I would think you know is not to let any significant loss occur.  Over the last what has it been 20 years that we have met virtually and occasionally in person, I have at times had no paper pm positions and seldom recently significant positions.  Still I watch a bunch of pm charts looking for safe entry points and end up doing quite a bit of in and out as no brokerage fees now.  I have not limited our trading to pm’s and have traded bonds, stocks, anything where the chart looks good.

As you may recall, I have moved mostly into 1 to 2 year u.s. notes and bills even though it is likely the 5% or so is less than inflation to some degree (at our age we decided not to game any longer notes).  I don’t believe any of the published inflation figures.  Still it seems the best option now.  We had a large traditional stock position that we entered during the Covid panic.  Some bought too soon, some a bit late.  Anyway over a year ago we closed out all those positions.  I think there may be another general market rally but even if so it could be a failed rally.  Anyway decided not try to game that.

I still view this pm correction as a wave 2,  but since it hasn’t acted like I expected I have been lightening up with modest gains and a few small losses having bought early in the wave 1.  Part of it is I am too old to do much trading.

I want you to know this Tent has been a source of much joy and fun and I wish you the best.  May the trading gods be good to you.




Maddog @ 10:1 re: Kerry

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:19 on May 17, 2023  

I don’t know how these people live with themselves. One can only assume they have no consciences. They must all be psychopaths. I wonder what you call a gathering of psychopaths?

I’d like to see a map of previous years … just for comparison

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:15 on May 17, 2023  

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 10:13 on May 17, 2023  

Swift Boat Kerry is just all so wrong, he has no redeeming features at all…including looking like a too ugly reject from the Flintstones cast.


Posted by Maddog @ 10:09 on May 17, 2023  

Re Hungary pipeline

The PM of Hungary Victor Orban,is v popular having been re-elected numerous times…he also makes no bones about what he thinks of the WEF and Schwab……mostly unprintable…..the Deep State would love to cause trouble for him….they also want the war to spread….we live in truly insane times.

Evil Bastards

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:42 on May 17, 2023  

John Kerry Would Love For Farmers To Stop Farming

Kerry noted that agricultural production is responsible for roughly one third of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and argued that reducing those emissions must be “front and center” in the quest to defeat global warming. Kerry made the remarks at the Department of Agriculture’s AIM (Agriculture Innovation Mission) for Climate Summit in Washington, D.C.

The attack on farming by Western leaders is beyond shocking. It is criminal, treasonous. For his part, Kerry neglected to mention that, though agriculture is purportedly responsible for roughly 33% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, it is undeniably responsible for the sustenance — and continued existence — of 100% of the world’s roughly 8 billion people.


Right on Elon!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:21 on May 17, 2023  

Musk says George Soros ‘hates humanity,’ compares him to Jewish supervillain


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:05 on May 17, 2023  

IAMGOLD Announces $400 Million Term Loan Financing


B2Gold Releases its Seventh Annual Responsible Mining Report and its Second Annual Climate Strategy Report


Wheaton Precious Metals Announces the Acquisition of a Gold Stream from Lumina Gold’s Cangrejos Project


Skeena Resources Announces C$64 Million Bought Deal Financing


New Found Intercepts 5.16 g/t Au Over 28.65m & 4.02 g/t Au Over 14.65m at Keats West


GoGold Announces NPV of US$413M for Los Ricos North Initial PEA


Artemis Gold Provides an Update on Site Activities at Blackwater Mine


Gold Terra Resource Corp. Announces Best Efforts Public Offering of Up to Approximately C$4 Million


American Pacific Mining Completes Acquisition of Clearview Gold Inc.




Platinex Reports Positive Geochemical Sampling Results and Commences Exploration Program at Shining Tree Gold Property


First Quantum Minerals Announces $1 Billion Senior Notes Offering


Amarc Remobilizes to Duke District Initiates Systematic Assessment of Porphyry Copper-Gold Targets


Sanu Gold Announces First Discovery of High Grade Gold Mineralization on the Bantabaye Permit in Guinea, West Africa: 11.4 g/t Au over 15 m, including 41.2 g/t Au over 4 m


Blue Star Gold Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement


Goldshore Announces Ausenco Selected as Lead Engineering Firm to Conduct Preliminary Economic Assessment at the Moss Gold Project


Aston Bay Holdings Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement and Share Consolidation


Mirasol Resources Announces Private Placement Financing




Exploits Discovery Continues to Intersect Visible Gold – Assay Results Include 9.84 g/t Au Averaged over 12.00 m at Bullseye


Calibre Reports High-Grade Drill Results From its Talavera Deposit Within the Limon Mine Complex; Initial Results Include 15.46 g/t Gold Over 6.7 Metres and 10.58 g/t Gold Over 7.9 Metres


Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Intercepts Northern Extension to Waterberg Deposit with 6.02 Metres of T Zone at 12.10 g/t 4PGE


Imperial Drilling Intersects 162.5 Metres Grading 0.50% Copper and 0.52 g/t Gold at Mount Polley


Unigold Announces Closing of Non-Brokered Private Placement of $3,850,000


Metallica Metals Announces Proposed Acquisition of Mineral Assets


Discovery at Kobada Unlocks Newly Identified Structure


Asante Extends Exclusivity Period With Fujairah Holding LLC in Connection With Non-Binding Expression of Interest


Atico Reports Consolidated Financial Results for First Quarter of 2023


Mawson’s Subsidiary SXG Intersects 1.2 m @ 121.8 g/t Au in Deepest Hole with Visible Gold Increasing with Depth at Sunday Creek, Victoria, Australia


USD chart

Posted by deer79 @ 8:58 on May 17, 2023  

We know that the cretins use the $USD as one of their tools to manipulate levels…..

By this chart, it looks like the $USD could easily break out to the 104/105 level before serious resistance……..


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