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Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 21:32 on May 9, 2023  

Hi Ipso

Lets hope its a 10% move up. Just saying that since I own a bunch and have a bunch more when they took out SBB for a song. Is good news going to be reflected in the shares finally?

Lots of upside to be priced in with the Sabina takeover. The hacket river royalty estimated at 700M not even in the buy out price from what I could figure.

Anyway, its done, BTO beats, lets get some new highs soon.





Posted by ipso facto @ 20:45 on May 9, 2023  

They’re a money maker!

Ipso – you beat me to it. Those are some stellar earnings for B2. Hoping for a 10%+ move in it tomorrow.

Posted by Buygold @ 20:14 on May 9, 2023  

B2Gold Q1 Adj EPS $0.10 Beats $0.07 Estimate, Sales $473.56M Beat $442.00M Estimate

5:27 pm ET May 9, 2023 (Benzinga) Print
B2Gold (AMEX:BTG) reported quarterly earnings of $0.10 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $0.07 by 42.86 percent. This is a 66.67 percent increase over earnings of $0.06 per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $473.56 million which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $442.00 million by 7.14 percent. This is a 29.53 percent increase over sales of $365.58 million the same period last year.

Supplements that destroy spike protein brought up again.

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:01 on May 9, 2023  


Posted by 2_point @ 19:07 on May 9, 2023  

https:// twitter.com/FringeViews/status/1656058184098775045

6.5 min video


B2Gold Reports Q1 2023 Results; Cash Operating Costs and All-In Sustaining Costs Below 2023 Annual Guidance Ranges; Operating Cash Flow before Working Capital Adjustments of $223 million

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:46 on May 9, 2023  


Trouble Coming Our Way

Posted by commish @ 18:39 on May 9, 2023  


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:27 on May 9, 2023  

Your right you don’t make eye contact with them because they use that as invitation to ask you for money.
First responders too we were trained to watch out out for walking into traps or a ambush  “ Someone say lying or pretending to be  injured or needing help next to a area others could be hiding  be corners, bushes or cars, to check the area for ALL dangers not just injury related. That can be hit and miss.
You know you can buy tasers with a string around your wrists. The best kind other than taser phones when your a woman or older, If someone manages to get the taser away the string from your wrist will get pulled out and disarm it, it won’t work. Someone here videoing a couple people who came from a bad area down town getting kicked out if a store for shoplifting the woman saw her videoing but it was a taser and video was somewhere else, it was funny as heck, The woman walked to her car taking with a attitude reached in her window to grab her cell phone which was a taser saying gimmie that and before she could say phone got zapped.


Posted by Ororeef @ 18:02 on May 9, 2023  

all those free loader immigrants turn into SCAM artists ,just like gypsies ..Europe was full of them because of the Socialists .Con Artists and Gypsies are the end result ….Dont be so naive ! you will get ripped off,mugged ,Pickpocketed ..Dont make eye contact with them .Stupid Americans…..


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:00 on May 9, 2023  

I have a feeling there’s will  be a lot of them coming in and have to be careful everywhere. Even when you go shopping or restaurants they’ll be lurking so keep your eyes open. It’s already going on in Texas where the illegals have overwhelmed their city’s asking  for money. Stores and restaurants will have to be more vigilant on getting them away like they do in some third world countries including their hotels. Disney in  Southern Cal is like that now. Go out of that area and to those who knew the area before probably won’t recognize it now. Looks like all migrants took it over.

Texans saying their using up all their resources esp for their lower wage people and quality of life , food banks, schools, hospitals. One said you can’t even get a ambulance on a timely manner because of all the migrants. And they don’t pay either.
They think money grows on trees so must be very ignorant or very criminal or both.

Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:43 on May 9, 2023  

You know what I see with all these abled body men coming in to these blue impoverished and ghetto city’s where nothings changed in decades despite the money they were given doesn’t go where it’s supposed to or needs but only want of being on the dole. It’s just got worse where they can’t even keep business there without robbing them blind.
So I see what’s going on is that what’s coming in will be their replacement. The strange thing is they don’t seem to care.


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:41 on May 9, 2023  

I experienced something similar in ROME some years ago..Your beggar was a GYPSI and the the technique was exactly as you describe..A pregnant woman came up to me pointing to her big stomach begging for money saying to me,me Bambino ,me bambino  while her accomplace came around behind me and tried to pick my pocket ..I slammed her hand down and pushed her away. I was warned to be carefull with that type of beggar .They are also known a “ROMA” in Europe..

GYPSI’s… While in Italy about to board a train to  some Italians made a point to warn me to be carefull ..many gypsies pickpockets were roaming around ROME at that time. I was an obvious tourist and the Good Italians knew I would be a target so they made a point to caution me ….

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:44 on May 9, 2023  

Don’t get me wrong, yes many who come from poor countries or poor neighborhoods can lack social skills and bring their lack of skills and issues with them. But.. there are people who have  money that can be just as bad because of their sense of entitlement. Think of somebody like Waters although probably took her issues with her through time money couldn’t change just made her worse.
I saw one on my trip to Florida. Playing she was disabled and wanted everything  first.
Getting both on the plane which makes sense but then and off first and didn’t want to walk not couldn’t walk from places to place but didn’t want to. I have issues walking now but wanted to walk but ground crew were continually trying to help me with CMT so when the planes landed I insisted to the quite polite younger ones to get off first and even had to tell one young man sternly in a nice way though to GO because he insisted on waiting for me to go first. The trip was already delayed enough,
Meanwhile I ran into that woman going out in front who suddenly  could walk fine all over the place and carry her luggage and ran to the street to climb into a expensive car. She looked back at me maybe because I was real and she wasn’t with this guilty look because she knew I was on that plane now witnessing her miraculous recovery.

Its not just behind the times, that’s not criminal and not needed where they’re at,   it’s what they’re doing when they get here that’s criminal.
As far as times they “ not the illegals”  don’t need those times. What some of these countries needs is protection from those times to not be exploited for their resources as we do with these country’s dumping  these poor coming in now because if they can’t make it there but bring the sane problems with them , here.

In inner city’s be schools or hospitals they complain about not having this or that but they don’t pay for it. They don’t have much in incoming tax compared to out going welfare and expanding tac dependent jobs. If I they don’t pay medical it’s with Medicaid that  don’t pay much so the hospitals can’t get the higher quality equipments or skills and skilled staff. . Plus where many of the illegals that don’t pay pile in.
The working class areas do pay or have insurance and are separating  from them won’t take patents who won’t pay or have free Medicaid that doesn’t pay. The paying hospitals generally will get better care because the top doctors want to get in these hospitals vs the non paying hospitals. You get what you pay for so to speak.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:05 on May 9, 2023  

“The US Commercial real estate crisis – which according to Jim Cramer “isn’t going to destabilize the system” thus guaranteeing another global crash – has crossed the Atlantic and made landfall in Sweden”


@ goldilocks, hi agreed on all that.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:01 on May 9, 2023  

I’ll add, imo, the people who are 1st, 2nd or 3rd plus generation Americans, that descended from Europe, in general, are well behaved and don’t kill other people. In general, the people from less developed hot weather countries, are the opposite. Simply behind the times.

In the beginning, in the cold weather countries, you had to be smart just to keep warm produce food and survive. Plus they invented sailing ships to travel. In hot weather countries, they can be dumb and survive with fruits and vegetables just growing wild.

No accident

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:57 on May 9, 2023  

The other day I saw a long line of illegals, mostly abled bodied men lining up on the border to be processed. They had nothing with them, no bags or backpacks just all holding a plastic zip lock bag with what looked like  a cell phone before they even reached the processing center.
While they were busy with this long like you could see got aways with back packs going around them.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:33 on May 9, 2023  

One thing about cheap cross country air fair is many of these poor and generally don’t see real poor on them but still people who have no social skills, drunks and even mental cases causing trouble on the flights. The quality of the flight staff has going down hill too. I think something changed during Covid.

You’ll see them in hospitals too. They bother the staff and other patients as Ororeef mentioned on how loud some visitors were bothering other paying patients who need to heal and quiet  Also nurses need to hear what’s going on.
I could tell you story after story about how these visitors coming in bothering nurses in the middle of giving medicine or IVs which could risk a med error also time sensitive in some cases or try to divert them from their priorities and not because of a emergency.
someone said next they want to to treat them to while they’re there. Lol

People even come in drunk or drugged.
Because if the increasing lack of social skills and respect for the medical staff or patients and their privacy  they need to have stricter rules or be removed along with someone else there they can talk to instead of bothering the nurses out on the floor.

They can no longer lie the borders closed.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:04 on May 9, 2023  

Why does Jean- Pierre not Afro America but Haitian,
Harris not Afro American like she plays but Jamaican on her fathers side India on mothers., Mayorkas born in Cuba. All apparently wanting to allow as many in our country illegally as they deny there is a invasion and lie about the borders are closed. None of them putting our country first but that which they identify with.
Now they back track  blaming Congress who has been lying for years it’s closed.

i hope the average Joe not paying much attention are more careful who they appoint to key rolls that would put our country first instead of another’s in  the future and we get someone in who cleans up the mess they caused including deporting them. Mayorkas should be exiled.

Ororeef 13:18

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:43 on May 9, 2023  

I have no problem with increasing the efficiency of machines using less natural resources. But how does that fit in with open borders and the millions that will be using our water and other resources.
They can’t even gauge monetary resources, priorities because of their own selfishness or manage a budget. They seem SS as fast as they get it instead of finding a way fir the money to grow thst they have no right to do touch.  They better concentrate on their own wastefulness and outright theft of tax payers money.

Ororeef re Cracking Down on Dishwashers and greenhouse gas emissions?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:37 on May 9, 2023  

I think the biggest waste of oil are these artificially cheap airfares. Combined with long distance globalization, or delivery from China to USA of cheap consumer products that can be made domestically in the USA. Its just natural for anti USA big businesses to make the little guys use less oil so they can continue wasting energy to spread US wealth around the world. It used to be only people with money could fly, about once every 5 or 10 years. Now they’ve got poor people flying all over the planet. Many going NY to Fla 3-4-5 times a year. When we flew NY to LA in 1979 it cost us two months rent, about equal to $4,000 today.

Alex Valdor @ 13:11

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:03 on May 9, 2023  

Cramer’s got a perfect record! A perfect opposite record!

Looks like we’ve a little game

Posted by Buygold @ 13:43 on May 9, 2023  

G & S ignoring rates and the USD, and have decided mover higher, tough go for silver but it came through.

Shares not too impressed, they’ve been sitting on NEM all day, but the account is green and that’s a nice win.

Looks like we may be setting up for another battle at $2050 before moving to new highs.


Cracking Down on Dishwashers !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:18 on May 9, 2023  

First it was your Gas stove,now that Dishwasher,,,whats next ..the washing machine ?

its those Liberal Democrats again ,Does your Wife know about this  ?   Does she support these environmentalists ?

Remind her on vote day what they are up to..!  Where is that SCRUB board my mother used to wash clothes with  ?

Better crack down on those Dishwashers before she gets wind of it ..dont wait till after election day !

Remind her not to FART while shes washing the dishes !

Water-Wasting Dishwashers in Crosshairs as Biden Eyes Efficiency

Jennifer A. Dlouhy

Jennifer A. Dlouhy
Bloomberg News

The Biden administration is advancing stricter efficiency requirements for household dishwashers that promise to pare water and greenhouse gas emissions as well as utility bills, years after former President Donald Trump exempted speed-cleaning models.

IPSO re: Cramer

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:11 on May 9, 2023  

The perfect contrarian indicator .
If he is bullish – SELL !
If he is bearish – BUY !


Where does this end …

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on May 9, 2023  

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