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Farmers have a right to be pissed off

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:24 on April 30, 2023  

John Deere Corporate Might Have Reason to Panic, But Farmers Will Love What’s Happening

Farmers have been battling the manufacturers of their high-tech farming machinery for years over the right to repair their equipment on their own.

Major companies in the space, including John Deere, began restricting products to manufacturer exclusive service contracts.

These contracts lock out the farmers who own tractors, for instance, from making even small repairs to their machines. Instead, when something breaks down, farmers have to call the manufacturer or dealer to schedule a repairman to come out and service the device, forcing the farmer to shut down his operations while waiting for the repairman to come out to the farm.

This is obviously a serious problem for farmers who are under strict time restrictions during planting and harvesting seasons.

John Deere Corporate Might Have Reason to Panic, But Farmers Will Love What’s Happening

Michael Pento

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:41 on April 30, 2023  

Few weeks ago. Zombie banks than can’t lend will become distressed. Now money not coming in saving themselves from devaluation losing money moving them out to interest accounts or money markets or fear of them going bust. The economy and stages he sees coming. He’s been slowly moving back into miners.

A must watch ! To get the flavor push the slider to the point above the ‘a’ in jason and watch for five minutes or so .

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:06 on April 30, 2023  

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:59 on April 30, 2023  


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on April 30, 2023  

Valerian root can be an aid to getting asleep. Smells weird but what the heck!

Good morning Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:37 on April 30, 2023  

Hope you finally got some sleep. I noticed when I retired it started happening and guess it’s because your not using up all that energy anymore.
Wow that’s rare to get free tickets. You were lucky there.
Yes I wasn’t around yet when Babe or Lou played but I did somehow emulate Babe with some traits growing up between baseball and dolls. Good thing those gender affirmation wackos weren’t around then. He little girl wanna be Babe Ruth someday.
Even choosing what part of the field I was going to hit a home run. When I went up to bat the girls backed up. Most weren’t as fast as the Wisconsin girls. Sometimes we’ll all the time they’d try to walk me when bases were loaded. I played pitcher catcher and first base. By high school I managed to get the all boys then maybe still now little league to let me practice with them.
That set a new level of from easy to not so easy and good luck with the home runs. They went after them so had to come up with a strategy they couldn’t catch them at least. Out field would have to be asleep. I though because they threw it faster I could hit the ball even father but was the opposite, batting against that speed and a lot of resistance. No helmets then either.
By brother kept the cards. I remember Mickey, Willy but not so much about Mr hammer I guess they called him.
My memory was vague but yeah the Dodgers. I met one of them in a bowling ally in southern call when me and a couple of nurse friends went out to play pool they had in there.
Some guy with a Dodgers jacket sitting at the bar kept staring at me. First I though he was watching me because this little Mexican girl came up to me wanting me to teach her how to play pool so with permission from her parents I picked her up and let her shoot for me. She was only about 4 yrs old. She got a kick out of that.
But then he walked over to my friends sitting down having a drink and introduced himself to them and had them bring him to me. I don’t know if he thought telling me first he was a Dodgers player I was supposed to act different but shook his hand and went back too playing pool. I was already taken at the time, darn lol
I think he said his name was Dave Anderson. That was back in the 80s.
I also met a good friend and actress of that cowboy actor that owned the team I think. It was so long ago. I was her neighbor years before but didn’t know her personally until a car drove through her apt where the apt was on a hill overlooking a golf coarse.
A young girl lost control going down the hill and went right through her apt. I went in and got her out. That was a miracle. She had some good deep abrasions on her arms but other wise okay. The car hit the couch she was on and threw her off she said. The car was in the door. I got her out threw a hole in the wall it left.
Guess I was just meant to be around baseball lol
I only have a couple of GI Joes left the ones in the box I mentioned plus a non boxed bearded one. I didn’t want to give them the boxed ones or they wouldn’t stay that way and the battery if the recording would of stopped working till they’re older which two of them are old enough now.
Well at least you still have your Morgan’s. I had two key date ones but were stolen.
As far as the shares I guess that saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket is still wise.
The worse trouble I ever had was the metals shares. Maybe that’s what’s making me not jump ship from ZIM after I saw that chart change. Just think of it like a gold stock I guess. If I sold some on that bounce to buy back after the divi I supposed I wouldn’t of minded though. Well that’s cool thank you very much lol
Best way I guess especially now as they don’t charge you anymore is set a stop loss or take some or what you paid off the table on the way up. But as they go that’s when they’ll keep going up.

Hey Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 7:29 on April 30, 2023  

I’d be willing to bet your GI Joe stuff is worth a pretty penny now. They just don’t make no mo!

You’re too young for Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig are your favorites. Ya gotta pick someone in the 50’s – 60″s. Any Mantle, Mays, Clemente, Ted Williams (I’d think more your style) , Aaron. There were so many great players when I was growing up. I remember listening to the Dodgers Vin Scully when I was a little kid always when they played the Giants. Drysdale, who’s wife Anne Meyers (best woman basketball player in College) was a pretty good friend. After he died suddenly and she was left with three young children. The boys were in a man’s body. They were my kids friends in the late 90’s, early 2000’s, until we moved to Idaho.

I can tell you that I don’t have anything of real value from Lou or Babe. By the time I started, most of that stuff was unaffordable or more than I was willing to pay for, although I’ve learned 20 years later that it’s all relative. It must have been very hard for her. She had box seats for life, the Dodgers keep X amount of seats for former players and families. She’d throw us tickets, also tickets to UCLA Football games. Deal was that I took the kids, she got a break.

My focus has been the 50’s and 60’s with as many Mantle’s as I could get my hands on. Willie Mays, Aaron and Roberto Clemente too.

I’ve been asleep for 20 years Goldie, depressed with how gold never got going and then there’s the shares…things have changed a lot. Check out the prices of graded/slabbed MS 67 Morgan Silver dollars. It is unbelievable what they are asking for even the weakest years, i.e. 1921. Somehow, in my slumber I just kept buying these things and stuffed it away. Ya just never know unless you’re paying attention. 🙂


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:09 on April 30, 2023  

Bridge over Pee Dee



Posted by goldielocks @ 21:54 on April 29, 2023  

That’s awesome you still got them. Your wife can like them too lol
Those GI Joe dolls back from them depending on the shape they’re in and more rubber than when rubber prices went up they changed them.
I kept some for my grand sons I was collecting for them. Even got the accessory’s including the luggage chest.
One made later of WW11 had a radio and you push the button with a news guy actual recording of Pearl Harbor attack, and one with in black scuba gear Frog man with accessors both of those still in the box.
I think my favorite was Babe Ruth in baseball and Lou too. I wonder if they had dolls too.
I bet if you got a bunch of each once you wouldn’t have to be here lol

Nice little life reassessment

Posted by Buygold @ 21:23 on April 29, 2023  

Not sleeping isn’t all bad. I spent pretty much all day and night (mixed with a couple dog walks and chores) sorting through my old baseball card collection, which apparently has grown exponentially. Didn’t realize while I was sleeping the last 20 years that every star I have from the 50’s and 60’s – Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Musial, Clemente, Bench, Ryan etc. are all up at 10-15x. I have a pretty formidable collection, enough to where I wouldn’t mention it here.

They will go down if war just like art and other items, but they just don’t make anymore. Baseball won’t die as it’s international. Japan, Taiwan, the Chinese will end up playing cause they can’t think of a game without stealing it. 🙂

and Lo and Behold, my wife LIKES Baseball Cards.

A very good read on the Geopolitical forces gathering against Davos/US and what it means for Dollar and Gold

Posted by Maddog @ 14:13 on April 29, 2023  


To get away from all this anti- white propaganda

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:26 on April 29, 2023  

Probably by people wanting cheap labor.
How things were before.
I heard about someone survived the fall at one of the towers but that’s all till I got this.
Amazing story, Italian American family man loved football his wife was going to have a baby was in the building with his co-workers on the 22nd floor when the building collapsed. Where he decided to position himself saved his life. The firemen walked right past him asking him what he was doing up there thinking he was one of them before they realized holy sh’t!

Coke and other businesses are mandating sensitivity classes on how to be less white.

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:16 on April 29, 2023  

It’s everywhere now. Whites should take it as a complement, non whites should take it as a insult.
Anti whiteness sensitivity. Sounds like a illegal border excuse.
Should be a gold mine of law suits over this from both sides of Americans. Messages seeks to do as least as possible on the job and life in general, don’t be objective and think for yourself, don’t leave your parents basement and start your own life and family because that’s traits of white people. Lol Sounds like they want dumbed down below average serfs that won’t do more than they have to, gain more knowledge and skills of able since we have the opportunities and strive for a better life or job someday.

Ipso 0:07

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:37 on April 29, 2023  

I guess I’m lucky I was spared that one because I have no idea what a squid game is. Lol

Buygold 23:13

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:33 on April 29, 2023  

I hope you didn’t have breath in air where you lit up the sky. Sounds like some experience. Having to walk through a dessert must have been fun. Hope it was cool then. Had enough of that im places in California.
I don’t know why these leaders don’t worry about making their country a better place to live than worse.

I have no idea why all the Americans are there or even what their fighting over only briefly and now Russia wants access to the Red Sea. Some are duel citizens some are strictly American. Now they don’t have a embassy and calling the state depts these sole idiots are useless. Somebody should send them them there set up a office and make them do their job. They should do that with homeland security. Set their office across from the border. Least give his address out to homeless cams telling them he has no problem with squatters.
Perhaps if non government business they didn’t have enough warming with the current useless government we have.
China ships getting their leopke out were there first.
China taking full propaganda advantage of all the government incompetence with their internal anti-white propaganda here instead of doing a better job or even doing their job because that’s a white thing.
Chinas using it to tell their people what incompetent, good for nothing, heartless and bad people with crime everywhere in Americans.
Even with a Panda given to us by China and what a bad job they did taking care of them where one of two has past on and the remaining looks unwell lonely and depressed.
This woke BS is not only making fools of themselves but a disaster to this country being used by adversaries.
If the Red Sea is amazing as you say I hope that’s what you meant, maybe there better positive things that it can be used for instead of war lined up with foreign war ships.
These country’s are slowly merging together which will cause pressure for others to do the same because America is no longer trusted. Not even by it’s own people and the race baiters and woke who have nothing better to offer like they claim but incompetence and problems are helping them.

Gold &Silver following the seasonal pattern ..look for a low in June ..buy 4th of July

Posted by Ororeef @ 8:13 on April 29, 2023  

nothing new under the Sun…

Gold saisonal

Ipso – most excellent mi amigo

Posted by Buygold @ 6:10 on April 29, 2023  

I know nothing of Sudan’s history and probably not much more about Churchill.

Looks very interesting. Reading a book, what a concept. 🙂

COT Report – pretty mild, although it appears the scum is now having to sell long silver positions to get out of their shorts

Posted by Buygold @ 4:06 on April 29, 2023  

The funds actually seem like they have a plan.

That can’t be true. 🙂

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)


Posted by ipso facto @ 0:29 on April 29, 2023  

Don’t forget Chinese Gordon!

Winston Churchill wrote quite an interesting book about the war in Sudan 1896-1899. “The River War.”


Homebuilders up 24 % ?react to inflation ,houses selling above ASKING Price !Physical Assets

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:13 on April 29, 2023  

goldielocks @ 22:41

Posted by ipso facto @ 0:07 on April 29, 2023  

As if someone thinks “The Squid Games” is some kind of art treasure or masterpiece! LOL what a joke!

Goldie -yes

Posted by Buygold @ 23:13 on April 28, 2023  

They were allies of Russia at the time, but such a poor country. We did training of their military and helped them remove tons of WW2 mortar rounds. We lit up the sky north of Khartoum but the blast was seen for miles. Walked for miles through the desert, had some Bedouin tribesman as guides. Red Sea is the most amazing body of water I have ever been in.

I’m not sure why a number of US Citizens are in the country, work related? If so, I’d think their corporations would work on it.


What happens Monday?

Posted by Buygold @ 23:02 on April 28, 2023  

Now that the Fed has bailed out the Silicon Valley billionaires from taking any losses, they are forced to cover the deposits from every defunct bank in the country. That could get spendy.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

JPMorgan, PNC To Buy First Republic After FDIC Seizure First Leaves Taxpayers Holding The Toxic Stuff

teaser image

And so JPM, which is already the largest US bank is about to get even bigger, by scooping up all the good FRC assets while leaving US taxpayers holdings on to the toxic ones.



Posted by goldielocks @ 22:50 on April 28, 2023  

So you been to Sudan. Imagine having to take children there then having Biden as their president. If he and his cohorts doesn’t think it’s a big deal why don’t they go there.

Ipso 19:55

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:41 on April 28, 2023  

Intertwined history? As in what, the Korean War? Where Trump is the one after how many years who went there to make piece and got some of our fallen soldiers or their belongings back from North Korea? The ones that caused them all that panic.
The acting is someone making history except of course getting admitted in college by these leftist where affirmative action is only for them.

What there message is, is writing her own history and combine with open borders a attempt to make whites the minority?
I wonder if they ever gave thought to what people like her who couldn’t even get votes in her own high minority border state could contribute to make it better. That she had all the opportunities but plays oppressed. I see none of these self made bigots wanting to live in places like where their ancestors came. They want them to come to a nation of majority of whites as they’re doing to other white nations who made it a good place to be in comparison.
So what is her and these woke’s idea of making it different that is any better?
The boomer generation brought out the civil rights movement. They could never be like like them. They could never appreciate life like them, they could never appreciate freedom or creativity or self sufficiency like them or be trusted with it. They don’t have the same values. They have been institutionalized by their puppet masters and basically making a fool out of themselves. They’re going the other direction right into hell.

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