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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:33 on May 9, 2023  

One thing about cheap cross country air fair is many of these poor and generally don’t see real poor on them but still people who have no social skills, drunks and even mental cases causing trouble on the flights. The quality of the flight staff has going down hill too. I think something changed during Covid.

You’ll see them in hospitals too. They bother the staff and other patients as Ororeef mentioned on how loud some visitors were bothering other paying patients who need to heal and quiet  Also nurses need to hear what’s going on.
I could tell you story after story about how these visitors coming in bothering nurses in the middle of giving medicine or IVs which could risk a med error also time sensitive in some cases or try to divert them from their priorities and not because of a emergency.
someone said next they want to to treat them to while they’re there. Lol

People even come in drunk or drugged.
Because if the increasing lack of social skills and respect for the medical staff or patients and their privacy  they need to have stricter rules or be removed along with someone else there they can talk to instead of bothering the nurses out on the floor.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.