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Maddog @ 19:40 Covid In China but Not Here.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:15 on November 27, 2022  

What I want to know, is why the first time, it spread all over the planet is 24 hours, and not this time? Less international travel? Or is the crap sprayed is areas where they want Covid to slow the economy down to prevent a hyperinflation.

During the 1970s to kill the inflationary psychology, they simply raised the rates so high banks took in lots of money supply with CDs etc. It killed real estate and auto sales and the Dow under 1000 for 12-14 years.

Remember years ago they wanted a bomb that would only kill people and not destroy the buildings? This would be similar. Kill inflationary psychology by making people sick and or stay home and stop spending, to stop higher prices.

Raising rates to 21% again is not affordable these days, it would destroy the “buildings” etc. Is this a new method used or being tested, in China to take away the punch bowl? Lets hope he she or it doesn’t spread all over again. We don’t need to go thru that again.

Typical scum led fiasco in PM’s

Posted by Maddog @ 20:34 on November 27, 2022  

SM is getting clobbered, rates are soft, Dollar has slight bid, Oil falls…..as China news effects the mkts….so scum take AU back below $ 1750……

China unrest….

Posted by Maddog @ 19:44 on November 27, 2022  


There’s web chatter of serious unrest all over China…much bigger than ever before

Posted by Maddog @ 19:40 on November 27, 2022  

the continued lockdowns, have triggered it.

This sure looks like a cup and handle pattern

Posted by wxman @ 14:18 on November 27, 2022  

gold cup and handle

If you want to know what Biden and the demos are going to do next just think the opposite of the right thing.

Posted by goldielocks @ 8:26 on November 27, 2022  

Now he’s going to get oil from Venezuela with the excuse he wants to help the Venezuelans by giving more power to their dictator. The same demos that refused to let in Venezuelans and Cubans through our borders they say are closed btw. but just to them who might not vote for communism.
Wouldn’t have anything to do with striking out with the Saudis in getting what they want, they’re in a moral mission lol. You just can’t fix stupid.

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