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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:09 on November 10, 2022  

I guess that depends if you want to let the state cronies steal your elections with fraud and no ID and lawless Chaos in the streets vs nature and how much of that could be Harrp?
Pay to feed and house people here illegally. Pay for their health care when people can’t even afford their own as it drives the costs up causing a domino effect. Insurance didn’t help costs too,
Interrupt children’s classes, teaching children of illegals over crowding their classrooms to teach them English.

Lower the quality of school lunches and education due to the amount of children coming in, force them to take Covid shots, Teach CRT instead of the three R’s rewrite history, invite men dressed in drag to corrupt or traumatize your children and normalize mental illness and gender confusion and push a anti American political agenda so they’ll give their country away and constitutional rights someday they don’t even know they have yet.
Long waits in the ER while non citizens crowd them out and go in front of you and don’t even pay.
Back in the 80s I took two neighbor kids one injured with a deep cut in his hand from a fall off a bike and came to me for help as the mom was away at a wedding,
After cleaning closing and bandaging it took them ER that took people with no insurance since it needed to be sutured and no way to contact the parent. It was filled with illegals. Since one was old enough I dropped them off than have to bring my young kids in and didn’t even know them but they knew me as a nurse and gave them my number,
7 hrs later they were still waiting to be seen. If I didn’t call to push it, it would of been longer as more people piled in.
At around midnight I got a call to pick them up. Not to mention I had to get up at 4:30 am to get ready for work.
They said they were so busy with all these non English speaking people having to get translators they forgot about these poor two American kids. So consider the costs.
It took some time and I already left south Cal but the whole city of Orange County “ where Disneyland is” went bankrupt.
Now if you go out of Disney land area before you get to the beach seeing a white person anywhere would be looking for a pice of meat in a bowl of bullion soup.
You’d think you were in another country and numerous other countries. The Americans left or to over priced pocket areas away from crime. Or did but now the homeless are swamping what’s left.
I wonder how well those solar panels and wind mills will hold up in a hurricane or tornado.
I wonder how they’ll hold up on snow covers roofs or how fast they can unfreeze the wind turbines.
American city’s will be over crowded to with illegals and worse getting a hold of cars they don’t even know how to drive causing accidents everywhere:
One I saw was hilarious, I don’t know what was wrong with her and she was not South American but Asian. She hit a car, then was embarrassed i guess covered her mouth kinda laughing but likely panicked, kept driving hit another car then turned into a bank where I was walking into and moved out of her way and then she hit another car parked then kept driving slowly then stopped. There happened to be a police car who saw it. Just them a guy looking like a construction type worker who saw his car like wtf looked at me and told him to look over there where the cop car was.
If if was a South American they just would of fled. In Mexico if there’s a accident everyone goes to jail till somewhere pays fir it so best to have local insurance you can call to bail you out. No due process there.
American city’s will be filled with crime and no police.
American city’s will have the stench of homeless relieving themselves in the streets maybe sticking to your shoes or the needles they discarded.
It’s just not a concept of what could happen but has been and ie happening it’s real with real people.
Even in Colorado where you live right, back around 2000 while visiting I decided to look around this area at night where they had wood side walls kept from the days of the west, night live and music playing and just curious walking around till two obvious illegals turned towards me. I ditched them went into a bar listened to some western music went out side to wait for a taxi and a guy who looked roughed up was running from those same two guys. I guess he broke loose. I jumped up and said are you okay and one still following him and was close ran off off.
I don’t know who he was but well known at that bar and said get her what she wants. What do I want? I wanted to get a taxi and they got one in minutes and he knew them too.
It will be worse, far worse.

IMO Fort Knox has no gold, unless maybe one of the guards has some gold fillings! FWIW!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:36 on November 10, 2022  

Fort Knox and The Missing Gold!

I’m of the opinion the FL is a bad state to live in

Posted by eeos @ 18:47 on November 10, 2022  

Too humid, the sewers stink, too many people in the state, the weather is crazy and unsustainable, when greenland melts the whole state is hosed. Get out now

Alex Valdor

Posted by Maddog @ 18:33 on November 10, 2022  

Re German Gold

Not sure I heard that, but what In do remember was that it took ages to get all the Gold and that there were loads of new bars. The Bundesbank played it all down….but the entire operation was a joke.

The Germans were forced into demanding their Gold back, by a campaign of German Gold bugs….when eventually they did ask for the Gold back, instead of loading the German bars onto a plane and delivering them, all sorts of excuses came up, like a plane was too risky, u have to use a ship, etc….

It was basically a fiasco and although Gold was delivered and no-one in authority said anything…it was so obvious that the US did not have the Gold to deliver.

Maddog, Midnight Gardener

Posted by Buygold @ 18:00 on November 10, 2022  

Yes, our elections are 100% rigged. There’s no way the outcome of this election was by votes of the people. There would barely have been a Demonrat standing. 2012 and Obama changed our elections and gov’t forever. Very depressing actually, and here come those 87K IRS agents to shake down every white person in America. Mark my words.

MG – I don’t know about follow thru tomorrow, but 240-250 HUI would seem to be the next stop and would put GDX, GDXJ and the HUI in an RSI in the 70’s. I believe what we’ve seen in the shares in the last 5 days are the makings of a beautiful bottom. Only question is how high we’re going to go.

A lot higher I hope.

Place your bets…

Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 16:47 on November 10, 2022  

Haven’t had cause to mention it for a while but do we get follow through tomorrow?

This time, i think so.

As usual, fingers crossed.


Maddog – did the Germans not also have the bars melted down

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:18 on November 10, 2022  

then assayed and recast the bars because of mistrust ? I seem to recall seeing that somewhere .

So some good gains in gold and silver today

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:15 on November 10, 2022  

Nice to see the pm shares come along for the ride.

Let the healing begin!

10 Day Gold

Maddog @ 14:07

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:48 on November 10, 2022  

Someday we’ll need to prove we have the gold. Show it or shut up!

Our physical was likely used in the gold suppression scheme and was doled out to make the dollar look strong.

Maddog @ 13:57

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:43 on November 10, 2022  

“3 years”

Do you think that’s suspicious?

If any of you have parked on the sand at Daytona Beach Shores…

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:15 on November 10, 2022  

you have probably changed into your swim suit or used this restroom , as I have many times . Now destroyed by beach erosion due to Nicole .

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 14:07 on November 10, 2022  

Re the Gold.

Plus when u think about it, if the Gold is all gone, then the war on Gold makes more sense, apart from all the other reasons as the last thing ‘they’ need is a serious bull run that creates Gold Fever.

Then people might want to go and visit ‘their’ wealth…..!!!!!!

Highway A1A north of Daytona Beach

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:03 on November 10, 2022  

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 13:57 on November 10, 2022  

Re the Gold.

No audit of any kind ever…and when the Krauts asked for their Gold back, it took 3 yrs and most of the Bars were brand new.

“If you … owned all of the bitcoin in the world and you offered it to me for $25, I wouldn’t take it,” Buffett told CNBC earlier this year.

Posted by Maddog @ 13:54 on November 10, 2022  


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:32 on November 10, 2022  

I sure hope the US still has that 8,000 tons of gold, or at some point in the future things will be much worse. I suspect that much of that gold is gone although I don’t really know.

America’s Elections Are Rigged (And Everybody Knows It)

Posted by Maddog @ 13:06 on November 10, 2022  


@ipso facto, Agreed, Good Point, It Makes Sense, USD Collapse Lose All Value and Replaced.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:56 on November 10, 2022  

The only thing that bothers me, is my observation of so many things going into reverse, one by one over time after 9/11 and 2008. The 1913 US Dollar has already in a sense collapsed lost tons of value since 1913 when a person can support a family on $2.50 per day, $5/day you were very well off at one time.

So, a reversal or failure of the Federal Reserve system, and being the USA allegedly owns 8,133.5 tons of Gold, far more than any other country, the Fed could at the last minute before or during collapse, add Gold backing to the US Dollar.

In other words, restore its original value, make the Dollar very valuable and wanted “for investment or hoarding under the mattress” again. No interest return needed. Like when my grandfather had cash hidden all over the house, under carpets etc. It did not lose value.

One time my grandmother threw out a newspaper that he had cash hidden in it. He was pissed. LOL. Another time big family holiday weekend get together. Card playing all night, in the kitchen dining room and basement. My brother and I were snooping around. Chuck found a hand full of cash.

So he goes up to my mother while shes playing cards, and quietly tells her he found some money. She was not paying attention to him. But finally she did, and my grandfather heard it. Started fuming. Where’s the money? He said I’m not gunna tell ya. LOL. He did eventually give it up. Like a dog with a bone.

They all played with silver coinage and silver backed US Dollars. A new 1950 Chevy was $1000. That is what we may see again. With a restored US Dollar. Not a Chinese Yuan. They only have 1,054 tons compared to our $8,133.5 tons.


INFOGRAPHIC: Unearthing the world’s gold supply – MINING.COM

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:52 on November 10, 2022  

Wow the dollar getting clobbered! Lots of Wows today!

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:33 on November 10, 2022  


Mr.Copper @ 10:57

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:26 on November 10, 2022  

The interest payments on the national debt are going to seriously lessen the amount that the gov can pay for it’s various programs. Eventually this is going to cause the dollar collapse and replacement …

Flagler & Cocoa Beach taking a beating…

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:21 on November 10, 2022  

Reversal Of Market Action? Remember? Used to be up the stairway, and straight down on the elevator? Now its down the stairway, and straight up on the elevator

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:16 on November 10, 2022  

Amusing they announce lower inflation numbers, and all the inflation hedges make upside break outs.

@ ipso facto 9:28 Re US Dollar, I Hereby Declare, The US Dollar Is Backed By The Full Faith And Credit Of The Democrats. LOL

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 10:57 on November 10, 2022  

Actually the Dollar is backed by the ability of the gov’t to collect taxes. But if we look around and see a $30 Trillion national debt, its obvious, the “ability” is somewhat hampered. And they need to borrow to pay the bills.

Since 1775

Posted by commish @ 10:24 on November 10, 2022  

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